Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Why was INRI CRISTO expelled from England?

Claim in favor of INRI CRISTO Along his peregrination on Earth throughout Latin America and Europe, INRI CRISTO was loved and well received by some,...

Immanuel? Life of Christ from the age 13 to 30 – Isaiah 7:14

In the Bible there are no references regarding the life of Christ from the age 13 to 30, whom he lived with or where...

The New Lord’s Prayer – God’s revelation to Inri Cristo

Eternal and ineffable Father Infallible GOD, CREATOR of the Universe, Hallowed be your name, Your will be done On Earth as it is in heaven. I give thanks for all...

INRI CRISTO in the Norwegian TV NRK

This documentary was released by the NRK TV in 2017 . Here is the episode concerning INRI CRISTO's participation. This work was based in...

INRI CRISTO in the National Geographic magazine

Story and Photographs by Jonas Bendiksen As told to Jeremy Berlin This story appears in the August 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine. ‘Surely I am coming soon.’ The Bible’s penultimate verse, prophesying the...

How to contribute with Inri Cristo’s mission

PARTICIPATE IN INRI CRISTO’S MISSION! How to become an ally of the mystical revolution FOR CONSCIENTIOUS FREEDOM and CONSOLIDATION OF GOD’S KINGDOM ON EARTH By contributing, your donation...
Inri Cristo

The Libertarian Act – Feb 28th 1982

SOUST was born inside Belem’s cathedral, in the state of Pará, Brazil, in the historical Feb 28th 1982. Followed by more than 10 thousand...

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