INRI CRISTO’s Message for 2019

Igne Natura Renovatur IntegraWater, Fire, Earth and AirFrom water, purity;From fire renewal;From earth abundance;From air a new breath to strive. So said INRI CRISTO: “I pray to my FATHER, LORD and GOD, the Lord of Destiny and Life, that in 2019, year of unpredictability... that He...

How to contribute with Inri Cristo’s mission

PARTICIPATE IN INRI CRISTO’S MISSION! How to become an ally of the mystical revolution FOR CONSCIENTIOUS FREEDOM and CONSOLIDATION OF GOD’S KINGDOM ON EARTH By contributing, your donation...

Alert, humanity! Christ is back on Earth

Two thousand years ago, he was accused, hastily judged and condemned to crucifixion. He, who predicted his return to promote Divine Judgment, has now...

Who is INRI CRISTO, after all?

No matter thousands of voices rise in protest against reincarnation, INRI CRISTO is the same crucified Christ. Two thousand years ago, the decision to...

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