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How to become an ally of the mystical revolution



By contributing, your donation will help support our MISSION, our work FOR THE DIVINE CAUSE.

  • Behold the information for bank deposit:

SOUST’s bank account nº 88.444-8

Agency 1507-5

Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil)

CNPJ 76.661.461/0001-77

  • The SOUST account keys for making a transfer via Pix are:
  • For donations via Pay Pal:

    Many prefer to remain anonymous, however, in case you want to make an identifiable deposit, we will respect your privacy.

    We do not demand resources from the government or companies. We are AGAINST the tithe blackmail and faith mercantilism, coherent with INRI CRISTO’s words two thousand years ago worth forever: “You received without payment, give without payment” (Matthew c.10 v.8). The contributions to SOUST are done SPONTANEOUSLY and are used for the fulfillment of the purposes foreseen in our statute.

    SOUST is a mystical and philosophical school, established by INRI CRISTO on the historical Feb 28th 1982. It is an independent non profit institution, whose main purpose is to preserve and spread INRI CRISTO’s teachings. SOUST survives under the auspice of the divine grace; the ALMIGHTY inspires GOD’s children to contribute, not letting the right hand know what the left is doing (Matthew c.6 v.3).

    Aiming to integrate the BROTHERHOOD OF MERITORIOUS MEMBERS, it is enough to afford, as an act of free choice, a MONTHLY OFFERING to SOUST, in order to actively have part in SOUST’s material supply, thus renewing the bond with GOD’s Kingdom.

    In this case, we recommend that you  make an identifiable deposit so that the donor be included in INRI CRISTO’s prayers. In case of doubt, contact our consultant asking advice on the procedure.

    Those who participate and become meritorious members, just as we volunteer discipleship, will experience the ecstasy of actively contributing to the divine cause.



    “For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away” – Matthew c.25 v.29

    So said INRI CRISTO:

    “My children, when people ask me in the TV programs, in interviews, everywhere, how does GOD’s Kingdom survive, I continuously insist that I do not enforce the tithe blackmail, because my FATHER and I are not beggars, I do not sell sacraments because my FATHER and I are not mercantilists and GOD’s Kingdom is not a market (“You received without payment, give without payment” – Matthew c.10 v.8).

    And why can I always answer emphatically when they ask me how does SOUST survive? Because my FATHER inspires His children, who have eyes to see and ears to hear, to become meritorious members. Coherent with the law of equality – which consists of unequally distributing to unequal ones as long as they unequal themselves – the meritorious members are the eclectic princes of GOD’s Kingdom who contribute to SOUST’s material supply; they are the columns of the mystical temple of my GOD. The meritorious members are not unintelligent and indolently  praying only in search of blessings. More than ever in times of crisis, as a matter of intelligence, they prioritize the LORD without expecting me to oversee, without the need that I explain the mechanism of the divine law again and again, regarding giving and receiving the gifts (see Parable of the Talents – Matthew c.25 v.14 to 30).

    Inspired by my FATHER, LORD and GOD, instead of being orphans of the divine protection, insecure, at the mercy of accidents, lost bullets, unemployment, economic loss, going to purgatory (hospital) vulnerable to contemporary diseases and disgraces… they prefer to monthly renew the connection, the intimacy with GOD’s Kingdom, assimilating what I said two thousand years ago: ‘But strive first for the Kingdom of GOD and its righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well’ (Matthew c.6 v.31 to 33). What is given to them as well? Security, health, well-being, head and body lifted (psychological and physical upliftment), finally, the heavenly blessings. Those who humbly bow towards the ALMIGHTY do not need to humiliate themselves before creditors or criminals. Therefore, they smoothly slide, serenely surf even on the sea of mud which this chaotic world was transformed into, with that certainty that they are night and day connected to GOD’s Kingdom. They even feel honored to be part of the anonymous Fraternity of Meritorious Members. I have not handled money for decades, but I can identify the participating, active member in their face and in the attitude.

    And right because the LORD, my FATHER, is not a beggar, does not ask or accept alms, He allows each one to contribute according to one’s possibility, according to the blessing he aimed for and received. It is not me who stipulates the value of the offering, or who verifies if you were mean or generous. Each one knows that in their inner, in the consciousness of GOD’s omnipresence, as He sees everything. And each one, according to the level of wisdom, abnegation and altruism, will allow that the cosmic mechanism of reciprocity comes into action in his favor. The effort and dedication for love of GOD’s Kingdom translates into prosperity, satisfaction, ecstasy, joy for living, transforming his own body into a temple, a mystical vehicle, impenetrable island of Eden. Peace be with all.”


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