Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The real face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin

The recent documentary of History Channel exposes the recreation of the most accurate image in 3D of the historical Jesus. It shows his face...

Knights Templar hid the Shroud of Turin, says Vatican

By Richard Owen, in Rome - The Times - April 6, 2009 Medieval knights hid and secretly venerated The Holy Shroud of Turin for more...

The passion of Christ as described by a surgeon

What the Gospels don't reveal about Christ's sufferings, science does.While the Gospels relate only the barest essentials concerning the physical suffering of Jesus, Dr....

No one can explain Shroud of Turin pictures of Jesus

By Ray Rogers, from the website I must admit, with some embarrassment, that until a few years ago I knew nothing about the Shroud...

Unwrapping the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud is one of the most controversial relics in all Christendom. Some believe it to be a physical link to Jesus of Nazareth...

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