Inri Cristo answers about mindfulness, imagination and law of attraction


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Questions by Marlene West, from Australia:

What do you say about the meditation exercise called Mindfulness, or whole attention in the present moment, in the treatment of contemporary illness like cancer, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.? Does it have to do with what you said two thousand years ago: “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today”?

INRI CRISTO: “Yes, it has to do, but it is much more serious, much more vehement and necessary in the current days. Because, for example, as it was mentioned cancer, if you have cancer, and keep worrying about the past, until coming to the origin of misfortunes, of sadness, of unhappiness, of betrayal, of the wickedness that was done to you, which culminated in the vulnerability that generated cancer, then you keep turning around it and increasing your misfortune. If you are healing the cancer, and you need the FATHER’s protection, however you keep worrying about other things, again you will debilitate until disincarnating. All the sicknesses, with no exception, including the mental ones, always have beginning with the sickness of the soul, because committing a mistake is human, failing is human, becoming vulnerable is human, getting sad is human. So, when you are diagnosed with any sickness, then you have to concentrate in refuging in the bosom of your FATHER, who is my FATHER, my GOD, who is your GOD, if you are worthy of Him, of course. In the hour of pain, of despair, of fear… you refuge in Him and concentrate only in Him, until getting healed. If you are afraid of dying, you will fatally die. He is omnipresent, however to be benefited of His presence, it is necessary that you take conscience that He is who vivify each cell of your body and each particle of your blood. With this conscience, you return to Him, and then in His bosom, concentrating only in Him, you start to reactivate your inner laboratory, which, instead of producing poison, will produce vitamins, positive energies so that you start a new life, a new stage in your life”.

While we are in physical embodiment we are able to form a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real nor present to the senses and yet it can bring us enjoyment or help us to resolve problems.   When we disincarnate do we still have the ability to imagine?

INRI CRISTO: “Everything changes after passing away, after the spirit leaves the physical body and transcends to the spiritual realm. While the spirit is in the physical body inhabiting the blood, which circulates in the brain, it is connected to the mind, and the mind enables these visions, which are possible to have when one is embodied, incarnated. When you disincarnate, your spirit, which is an energetic body, together with the soul, goes to another realm, but the mind, which is connected, leashed to the neuronal system and consequently to the physical body, does not leave away; it remains together with the neuronal system. While dreaming, you, spirit, may visit other cities, other countries, other people, and it is the mind which keeps your body alive, connected to the spirit through an invisible cord. I hope that you understand this, Marlene, you who seek always more and more the discovering of metaphysics, of spirituality. For you and for all my children who live over there in Australia, my love, my FATHER’s blessing and peace”.

Can earthbound spirits congregate wherever they want on the earth or are they only attracted to people of the same vibration?

INRI CRISTO: “Everything is related, connected to the law of attraction. Someone may previously reincarnate in China, in Indochina, in Arabia, and later reincarnate here, according to the law of attraction. This law of attraction is ruled by the Cosmos, it is an unchangeable law which adapts to the circumstances of time. For example: consider a town where people work only for the evil… amidst them, there are one or two people making the good, and they have been put there for a reason. If they overcome that period of atonement and evolve, thus achieving the right, the dignity to reincarnate in another place, they will be allowed in future to live in a different social environment; then the law of attraction will guide them to another place, to another direction. Likewise in the familiar sphere, the spirits who live together now rarely lived together in previous incarnations, nor will they be forced to tolerate each other in future incarnations if they are not harmonious… When the time of atonement and evolution passes, the law of attraction, which is perfect and eternal, guides, attracts the good spirits to be close to their fellow spirits. A good spirit is kept restrict living close to people who ratiocinate negatively only when he/she is solving a karmic debt. So, before GOD, before the law, before the Cosmos, frontiers do not exist; geography is only symbolical. One may be born here today and tomorrow there in Germany, in any place. I hope I’ve been understood. Otherwise, Marlene, you may ask again. Stay with my peace”.


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