Part 15 – Abortion, birth control, sex, drugs, homosexuality, matrimony, education of the children


1) In your opinion, why is Catholic Church so radically against abortion and birth control?

INRI CRISTO: “Even if some impious, wicked, hypocrite, rascal men turn out to assert that the sons of rape will starve, saying: “Let them be born, afterwards we’ll see them starve to death, die for being with worms, drug addicted, murdered in social corners…” yet they will serve to the purposes of proscribed roman church vultures, who will make use of this human spectra to deeply touch the sensible side of the hearts of the elite and blackmail benefits to maintain the luxury of sodomistic and gomorrian iniquitous principality, in substitution for the tenth and the decadent trade of false sacraments (all and every sacrament with price is false, since I said when I was called Jesus: “You received without payment, give without payment” – Matthew c.10 v.8). Only cruel, bad-intentioned people stimulate disordered procreation and try to bereave birth control, since they have not confessable intentions to obtain profit and survive at the expense of the miserable, begging alms in the name of the poor and abandoned children. It’s nauseous, filthy and hard to believe there are such cruel and perverse beings to the point of delighting with misery, destitution and hunger of the little ones who are born with no home, with no shelter. Only pulling blindfolds out of the eyes you will be able to understand they are not human beings but humanoids, espevos (pseudo-evolved spermatozoon), bestial beings. A report spread by CNBB (Newspaper Folha de São Paulo, August 30th, 1997 – Brazil), said the following: “We need significant gestures from society that lead us to give assistance to anguished pregnant victims of violence or life risks, as well as support to the unborn and newborn which are abandoned and rejected”. Here is the true (and filthy) reason of CNBB’s position against legalization of abortion and birth control: the proscribed roman church wants to continue extorting and having more and more profit on the misery and suffering of the poorest people. By the way, it’s public and notorious: rich women who want to abort don’t find any problem; it’s just to make use of a particular clinic and pay the required amount without needing to give a reason or explanation (Program Fantástico – Globo Networks, Brazil). Neither CNBB nor its rabbles of “virtuous” sanctimony show the least indignation regarding it…”

2) Therefore, how is the matter of “papal infallibility”?

INRI CRISTO: “The “papal infallibility” is one more invention, an absurdity from Rome to exert domination over the masses and keep minds alienated. Only my FATHER, LORD and GOD is infallible; for being perfect, only He never fails. Otherwise, let’s see: by the time of ex-Zaire formation, during independence war, many Belgian nuns were raped by soldiers of “rebel forces” and Paul VI, the “pope” at that time, authorized abortion. Recently, the same happened with nuns from Bosnia and John Paul II refused the right to abort. Is one of the “popes” more infallible than the other? Or maybe the difference of behavior resides on the fact that blacks raped Belgian nuns and whites raped the ones from Bosnia? Wouldn’t the problem be in the heart of racial discrimination?”

3) How do you position in face of abortion?

INRI CRISTO: “Firstly, I am not in favor of abortion; however, as I live inside reality, I am rationally in favor of life, but life with dignity. My FATHER, LORD and GOD said: “Be fruitful and multiply…” (Genesis c.1 v.28). But as He is perfect and abhors imperfection, He didn’t say: “Be fruitful and multiply disorderly”. I recognize the need to interrupt gestation in determined cases, among which rape and danger of life for the pregnant etc., conscious that medicine comes from GOD (Sirach c.38). If the ALMIGHTY inspired scientists allowing them to discover the abnormality of a fetus through ultra-sound scan, He is obviously indicating the imperious necessity to quit gestation in time so that an imperfect being not be born, also if it’s detected that the fetus will quit woman’s physical life when getting rid of umbilical cord. While the fetus isn’t self-sufficient, doesn’t survive independently from the pregnant, he doesn’t represent a life, since spirit is coupled to physical body when the newborn breathes the first gulp of vivifying air. I am not in favor of abortion; it would be good if no one sinned. However, since fornication is an instituted vice, abortion in last instance is the only palliative agent in the socially extreme situations (among the evils, let the smaller prevail). I myself advised before being crucified: “If any member of your body causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of one of your members than for your whole body to be thrown into hell” (Matthew c.5 v.29). The integrants of Vatican hierarchy aren’t raped. On the contrary, according to many journalistic articles (Veja Magazine number 1748, Época Magazine number 192, etc.), they are rapists, generally of children… Even if they were raped, they wouldn’t run the risk of getting pregnant. It’s very easy and comfortable and archbeast (“archbishop”) shielded behind his luxurious palace decides that a poor woman must carry in her belly the descendant of her cruel rapist”.

4) What is your opinion about the spiritualist teaching according to which at the moment of conception there is the installation of the spirit, that means, even in the first instants of fertilization the fetus would be considered a reincarnating being?

INRI CRISTO: “The spirit only couples to the physical body when the newly born aspirates the first breath of vivifying air; while the fetus is in the water bag of the pregnant, the spirit is not yet bonded, since the spirit does not live in the water, does not install amidst the water. In this case, the spirit could not even be coupled to the physical body, due to the impossibility to overlap the pregnant woman’s spirit. The energy that allows the fetus to move in the woman’s womb is the same energy that keeps the body working while we are sleeping; this is the energy that dies and vanishes when we disembody. Only the spirit remains, does never die. This energy that makes the fetus move is bonded to the spirit, however it is not the spirit. It is similar to the energy that moves fish. Fish, for example, do not have spirit; they are moved by hydrical energy, different from the energy that moves the animals inhabiting upon the Earth. Regarding the false spiritualist teaching that at the moment of conception (fertilization) there is already the installation of the spirit and for such reason the fetus is considered a “reincarnating” being, it resembles one of Aristotle’s false teachings, according to which the heaviest object falls faster than the lighter one. Despite being one of the great philosophers of Antiquity, in this matter he was contradicted by Galileu Galilei, who only abdicated the truth to escape from the fires of Inquisition. The fact of a doctrine (like the spiritualist one) presenting fragments of the truth does not mean that all its teachings are truthful. What I tell you, it is not from my own opinions, but as the FATHER instructed and revealed to me; actually, I know nothing, only He knows, since He is the LORD of wisdom and truth, whose understanding He only gives to the simple, to the humble, to the pure in heart, to those who got rid of the nasty garment of pride, arrogance and prepotency, which prevent the human beings from glimpsing the subtleness of spirituality”.

5) Is there a way to control drugs?

INRI CRISTO: “It’s not merely a matter of controlling; although in a long time, it’s a matter of definitely solving the problem. Let us set hypocrisy, delirium and fantasy apart by believing in the possibility to eliminate drug traffic and users, since they survive in prison and continue acting. Only who doesn’t reason or keeps a blindfold in his eyes thinks this way. In 1920, USA government instituted the so-called “Dry Law”, which endured up to 1933, with the intention to stop trade of alcoholic drinks. No one could be caught buying or selling any kind of alcoholic drink under the penalty to suffer punishment previewed by law. This situation generated the character of drug dealer and increased mafia. The most notorious case was of Alfonso Capone, known as Al Capone, in Chicago, who was caught in tax evasion and exhausted in prison victim of syphilis. The only solution for drugs is the one that was applied to alcoholic drink in the USA: legalization with respective taxation. The most intelligent and peaceful solution consists on using drug dealers as producers and distributors of drugs, at the same time they become tax generators. The gain of taxation shall be invested in broad, rigorous, explicit and intelligent publicity campaigns anti-drugs, inhibiting a generation of new consumers; these same resources shall be invested in recovering addicts. Thus, the rising of new drug dealers would be avoided. The individual surviving on narcotics trade would remain accommodated, legally gaining his support. Consequently, for lack of incentive, anyone would never be encouraged to begin the work of drug dealer. If a chemical dependent has the possibility to buy the drug in the corner drugstore, in the laboratory or even in the supermarket, therefore there is not a reason to offer the first free dose, as it happens in our days. The dealer exists because he “fabricates” the customer in schools, in public establishments, in nightclubs, etc. usually where young people are gathered. He donates the first dose in order to fabricate the slave. Nevertheless, if the dealer knows that later on the slave can legally buy the drug, there’s no reason to fabricate the slave. That’s why the only effective manner to annul, to destroy drug trafficking, is legalization. At least the vicious circle would be quit: new dealers always appear generated by clandestine work as a consequence of prohibition. There are no cigarettes and alcoholic drink dealers due to the possibility of easily obtaining them. So would it be with drugs. Legalization has not been made viable yet because the interest is to keep people alienated. There are high political characters and leaders who not only gain profit from drug trafficking but also live on it, keeping lawyers inactive. Panama’s ex-president, general Noriega, was unmasked and captured by North-American government in the middle of practice for leading drug traffic in that country. In the whole world, constituted authorities prevaricate and get involved with nark-traffic”.

6) Why has GOD allowed their existence since they are so bad for the organism?

INRI CRISTO: “Since nothing happens on Earth without the knowledge of GOD, He allowed the existence of drugs because even they have a meaning in nature. An example is the leaf of coca tree, from which cocaine is originated. It is used in Bolivia for therapeutic purposes. A traveler who passes through La Paz needs to ingest the tea from this leaf so that he will not suffer cardiac problems due to high altitude (4000m above sea level). In this case it’s a benefic plant, salutary for health. Morphine is used as analgesic for patients in terminal state, and so on. On the other hand, GOD allowed men to use it in the negative direction, especially to hurt the pride of the so-called high society. Imagine the sorrow, displeasure and disappointment of a senator, a judge, finally, a member of the elite who has to face his son or grandson stealing a gold pen of his collection, a jewel or another valuable good to exchange it for a drug. So he sees that something in society is wrong, that laws are archaic, corrupt, iniquitous and dying. It serves as a sign of the moral diseases of contemporary society. There’s the good and the bad side; all depends on the manner in which drugs are used. So also is nuclear energy: it can either supply salutary energy or even destroy the planet. Fire guns can be used either to defend someone’s own life or to kill an innocent person. Everything has the positive side coming from GOD and the negative side coming from the evil. It’s worth saying once more: if you find something in nature that seems wrong, truly it’s part of a whole that is right, as nature was created by GOD, my FATHER, who never fails”.

7) What do you think about the sexual act? Is it a sin?

INRI CRISTO: “All that you do that does evil for you or for others is a sin. All that you do that does no evil for you nor for others isn’t a sin. Concerning sexuality, in GOD’s eyes sex is salutary when practiced for procreative finalities, as it naturally occurs among animals, since the male seeks the female, and her to him, only at fertile time. Except on this occasion, they keep sexually distant, even coexisting in familiar harmony. In the ecological context, without human being’s interference, there’s demographic equilibrium, as Mother Nature acts in the controlling of animal populations. But in the case of human beings, each one shall use the faculty of free will to decide what to do with his life. In the condition of liberator, I don’t forbid anyone to do anything, not even to practice sex. I only give instruction to the ones who get close to me and ask orientation so that they live according to the law and have consciousness of what is or not a sin. Take into consideration that current times are those I mentioned before being crucified: “Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing infants in those days… because the day will come when blessed are the sterile ones” (Matthew c.24 v.19). I can’t be hypocrite nor turn a blind eye in view of the reality. Considering the law of GOD, in contemporary global context it’s preferable adopting contraceptive methods to “fabricate” children without having condition to feed them and give them education. Very truly I tell you: the ALMIGHTY inspired scientists to produce contraceptives in order to detain disordered demographic explosion on the planet, that is making life on Earth more and more unbearable. Therefore, since there isn’t another alternative, I recommend specially for young people to prevent, to search for medical orientation regarding proliferation of venereal diseases, for which one is not a less frightening reality. And to avoid any bad judge or mistaken interpretations concerning my teachings, I reiterate once more: all that you do that does evil for you or for others is a sin. All that you do that does no evil for you nor for others isn’t a sin”.

8) So you don’t practice sex?

INRI CRISTO: “When I fasted in Santiago of Chile, GOD gave me power over the flesh. Since that time, I don’t have anymore these perturbations inherent to human beings. My FATHER gave me consciousness that sex is a sacred energy; it can’t be thrown away, wasted, but yet used to supply the brain. My disciples also chose to live in purity, aiming to overcome flesh slavery. I teach them to transmute the sacred energy of sex, through the vertebral spine, with prayer, giving the faculty to live in paradise. And as the only tree that gives life is sex, then it’s the fulfillment of what I promised two thousand years ago: “To everyone who conquers I will give permission to eat from the tree of life that is in the paradise of GOD” (Revelation c.2 v.7). The only tree that gives life is sex. But to the human beings that live outside of ecclesiastic regimen, I don’t advise to stop practicing sex for being very difficult. Some have already tried and couldn’t do it. After a certain time, social pressure obliges them to turn to fornication practice. It’s like a football game: the team with more supporters tends to win and the one with fewer supporters tends to loose. So as, when somebody lives in a social environment where everyone fornicates, it becomes almost impossible to leave the vice aside”.

9) Thus, why do most of human beings seek for pleasure in the practice of sex?

INRI CRISTO: “Human beings live in mistake and ignorance because they don’t have consciousness of sin, they don’t have consciousness of GOD, not the “god” men made but the GOD who made men, my FATHER, Supreme Creator and only LORD of Universe. Aiming numerical increase of their slaves, darkness spirits deceive human beings making them believe that the most pleasurable thing of life is in fornication. Mistaken, they think like this for having never known something incomparably more pleasurable than sex practice: The communion, the symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY, my FATHER, LORD and GOD. When the human being has consciousness of GOD and discovers the enjoyment of love for GOD, only then he realizes and feels there’s nothing more sublime than this sweet and mystical communion. However, those who take a merely materialistic life, as it happens to most human beings in profane world, can’t contemplate the mysteries and subtleties of spirituality. So you can understand why I said when I was called Jesus: “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs” (Matthew c.19 v.14). It doesn’t mean that you need to diminish the size of your physical body but that you must come back, inside of you, in your inner, to the state of purity peculiar to children. It’s salutary keeping the heart pure in order to live in peace and obtain the strength generated by the innocence of a child. GOD gives this strength to those who live in purity. On the contrary it’s not possible to live in peace, which is the greatest expression of spiritual power. Peace is such a great strength that many fight, wage wars and even die for it. Human beings live unquiet, anguished, anxious, sad and unsatisfied, they are always in search of something, ignorant that it sleeps inside themselves; the bond with GOD, my FATHER. Now that I returned to institute the kingdom of GOD on Earth, I have the mission to reconcile human beings in the path of spirituality, teach them to live in peace and harmony in Eden, that is situated in the head of each one when he is in peace, in harmony, in symbiosis with GOD”.

10) Can you explain us what the original sin consists on, as you assert to have been the first man, Adam?

INRI CRISTO: “In Genesis it is written that GOD created Adam and Eve, the first man and the first woman, and put them in paradise. Nevertheless, He advised them not to eat of the fruit of life that was in the middle of paradise. The serpent seduced them and both ate of the fruit of life inappropriately. And as the only tree that generates life is sex, therefore, for whatever reasons, they fornicated. The paradise from which they were expelled isn’t a paradisiacal place full of leafy and fruitful trees but the state of purity and innocence they lived while they had not fornicated yet. From then on the mind of each one stopped to be a paradise and passed to live in a hell, where there’s malice, badness, hatred, jealousy, all of them generated by the sin of fornication. This was the original sin. However, GOD already knew it would happen like that and allowed spiritual descent of human being so that, from deep within the shaft, he climbed the transcendental evolving stair leading to spiritual ascension, to divinity, but endowed with the faculty of discernment, conscious of goodness and badness”.

11) How do you face sexuality being rendered banal in the means of communication?

INRI CRISTO: “It is the main cause of disordered procreation and consequent demographic explosion, marking the return to the times of Noah and Sodom and Gomorra (“But first (before his glory day) must he (the Son of Man) suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be when the Son of Man comes. They were eating and drinking, and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed all of them. Likewise, just as it was in the days of Lot: they were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, but on the day that Lot left Sodom, it rained fire and sulfur from heaven and destroyed all of them. It will be like that on the day that the Son of Man is revealed” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). It’s also one of the prophecies of world end and of my presence on Earth, as I said to the disciples I would only return when humanity was in these conditions, lacking my presence. Yet two thousand years ago my FATHER showed me this terrible destiny; behold why I announced before being crucified: “Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing infants in those days… because the day will come when blessed are the sterile ones” (Matthew c.24 v.19). I also said when I walked leading for the Skull: “Women of Jerusalem, do not weep for me. Weep for yourselves and for your children. For the days are surely coming when they will say: blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never nursed…” (Luke c.23 v.28 and 29). These days I mentioned are current times. Children are producing children and children’s mortality is being felt more and more vehemently than ever in sub developed countries and in places of war conflicts, especially due to abnormal demographic growth”.

12) Is divorce licit at GOD’s eyes?

INRI CRISTO: “Two thousand years ago, when I was questioned by the disciples if it was lawful for a man to divorce his wife, I answered them that what GOD had joined together let no one separate (Matthew c.19 v.6). In the times of Moses, GOD had authorized to give certificate of dismissal due to hardness of their hearts, as the malignant hardens human beings hearts to the point of not bearing the presence of that partner although once upon a time they had chosen to live together. But in current times, when wedding merely became a contract, divorce is salutary when two people don’t love one another anymore, when they aren’t happy together and don’t have anything more in common; finally, when they don’t harmoniously commune with GOD. Then separation is preferable to living under the same shelter keeping hatred in the heart, one mistreating the other, speaking reciprocal slanders. However, the consequences are always felt in the descendants, who get disoriented, abandoned, orphans of familiar protection. Then the maxim comes into being: if weddings were good, they wouldn’t need witnesses. Truly it’s a bankrupt institution; if weddings didn’t exist there wouldn’t be reasons to get divorced. Today, the engaged couple gets married with festivity, banquet, red carpet and fireworks, for tomorrow attending tribunal sessions in the depressing spectacle of washing dirty clothes. These ones aren’t united by GOD, by matrimonial love, but for feeling pressured by society rules. A marriage without divorce wasn’t done with GOD’s acquiescence, but for hidden interests. People who truly love one another and were united by ALMIGHTY’s blessing live 30, 40, 50 years together and never get separated. If a survey was done among all those who fight in tribunals asking for divorce, if the psychological reality of each one is analyzed, it will be noticed they haven’t got married for love but for a sudden passion of for social-economical ambition”.

13) How do you face the wedding ceremony carried out in your former church, the Roman Catholic? Does it have value to GOD?

INRI CRISTO: “The ritual of wedding carried out by proscribed roman church is a hilarious and macabre comedy, the theater of the absurd. But rather, let us see: first, the engaged couple must attend a course in order to learn how to behave in matrimonial life. But priests who never got married and have no experience in it minister this course. Next, after an endless litany of useless phrases, the priest asks if one accepts the other. If they have already attended the course, brought the invited people, contracted banquets, bought fireworks, paid for the working, planned the wedding trip and finally are there knelt down right to receive a bridal blessing, it’s no sense asking them this kind of question. Besides, since roman church started to stipulate price for sacraments, including wedding, it passed not to have value for my FATHER, LORD and GOD, as I said two thousand years ago: “You received without payment, give without payment” (Matthew c.10 v.8). In the end of the ceremony, to finish off the arsenal of contradictions, if priests really were my servants they would never behave as a bird of bad omen, throwing at them the macabre death sentence: “until death separates you”. At least they would know death doesn’t exist, since the eternal and perfect law of reincarnation is in the context of divine law. Who is conscious of divine law isn’t afraid of dying; he knows it’s only a stage of life. When two spirits have affinity, they don’t need wedding ring in the finger, because their alliance is in their spirits, in their hearts; there’s a natural complicity between both. Even the so-called “godparents” are part of the hoax; they are not necessary to advise the couple. Only GOD is the FATHER and He sends the angels from heaven to inspire the spouses at difficult moments. When the union has the blessing of GOD, nothing, not even what they call death, makes the bond quit existing. Even after one of the spouses passes away, their souls continue in tune”.

14) How is wedding carried out in your church, SOUST?

INRI CRISTO: “In the house of GOD, neither red carpet is extended nor trumpet is played, much less any sacrament is sold. In my church all sacraments are free, including bridal blessing. Everything is done with simplicity. My FATHER determined that I spoke the following words to bless the engaged couple: “In name of my FATHER, in my name and in name of the Holy Spirit I bless you so that, united in love, in harmonious reciprocal complement, you remain together forever. And let peace reign among you and your descendants”. So I work wedding of people who really love one another and ask a bridal blessing. Truly united by GOD, these ones never get separated”.

15) What about polygamy? Why do many people fell in need to “betray” the partner?

INRI CRISTO: “In this case, betrayal is a matter of culture, since there are peoples whose tradition allows to get married more than once. Actually, as polygamy is natural among most of bestial animals, and since human being is recently originating from this condition, sometimes he needs to go back to his origins, letting bestial instincts flourish. That’s when he is driven to look for another partner. When the human being starts to practice sex and doesn’t have formation and preparation within divine law, finally, being without spiritual equilibrium, he runs the risk of returning to primitive condition, as badly lead and degenerated sex becomes a bestial act. The malignant agent incorporates the unfortunate and makes him feel flesh desire for more than one person. Nowadays, it is an act rendered so banal even among people previously monogamous”.

16) Do you consider birth control a proper step to detain demographic explosion?

INRI CRISTO: “In fact, the most effective and appropriate step to detain demographic explosion would be stopping to fornicate, returning to the state of purity. However, considering that fornication became an instituted vice, it becomes necessary taking other energetic attitudes in order to avoid the disastrous consequences that disordered population growth will cause in the future. Among the evil things, let the smallest prevail. Taking caution with contraceptive methods and adopting a way to regulate the number of descendants is better than see people contending for a piece of human flesh to eat. Unfortunately, the education of human beings is turned to “here and now”, centered in immediate pleasures and satisfaction; they weren’t taught to glimpse the future, not only relating to their own existence but also relating to coming generations. They live mistaken thinking that the greatest work of their lives is merely procreating. Flies, spiders, creeping reptiles, birds, pigs, dogs, camels, finally, all of them procreate. Therefore, procreating isn’t a great and honorific work worthy of exalting. Very truly I tell you: the most sublime objective, the utmost of human fulfilling is the union, the communion, the symbiosis with GOD. Your descendants are the fruit of biological necessity of species perpetration. But they aren’t yours; they don’t belong to you. The biggest proof of it you can certify yourselves. You certainly know that Galileu Galilei was a great Italian astronomer; Thomas Edison, the discoverer of electric energy; Santos Dumont, considered the “aviation father” in Brazil; Albert Einstein, one of the most notorious contemporary scientists. Now I ask you: by chance, do you know who or how many were his descendants? What are their names? Behold the proof that the value of a man or a woman in the works they make, not in reproductive capacity, because time passes, men pass and the works remain”.

17) Wouldn’t it be contrary to divine determination “be fruitful and multiply”?

INRI CRISTO: “According to biblical narration, when human beings appeared over the Earth, GOD told them: “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth…” (Genesis c.1 v.28). He didn’t order to multiply disorderly, much less determined to inhabit atmospheric space. A proof of this is that in the same Bible it is related GOD’s divine wrath when, without the knowledge of law, men built the Tower of Babel. Therefore, it’s a flagrant violation of ALMIGHTY’s determination when men multiply to the point of having to build skyscrapers to inhabit the space. Imagine how many Babel Towers were erected in the last two thousand years! If it were to do with what GOD, my FATHER, wants, only earthly houses would be built, no more than three floors. Furthermore, the LORD said to inhabit the Earth. He didn’t say wreck the earth, destroy nature, contaminate rivers, dirty atmosphere, unbalance ecology, eliminate life in forests. Disparaging the gifts given by the CREATOR, human beings behave irrationally. And the punishment is inherent to sin. Mother Nature emits the groan of pain and reacts in form of earthquakes, flooding, storms, pestilences, volcanic eruptions, generating hunger, misery, devastation”.

18) How do you explain that the number of human beings has so exaggeratedly multiplied over the Earth, considering that, in the last two thousand years, there was not even half of current worldly population? Where do these souls come from, where were they before?

INRI CRISTO: “All the souls currently existing existed yet two thousand years ago. The difference is that before they inhabited the jungle and now they inhabit inner city, in other words, the stone jungle. As a consequence of demographic explosion and destruction of ecological habitat, the animals started to reincarnate precociously in a flesh covering similar to a human’s one, due to lack of spirits evolved up to human condition to reincarnate. This is the reaction, the painful groaning of Mother Nature in face of divine law violation. The punishment to human beings for having fornicated and disorderly procreated is that now they are obliged to live together bestial beings disguised as humans. Many times you hear about people who behave as bestial animals. When someone rapes, kills, chops up a victim, they say: “Oh, but he is a bestial animal, what an inhuman person!” Very truly I tell you: for a few moments, that spirit let wild instinct flourish, making him regress to bestial condition and behave as a beast. He is a wild beast disguised under human body. A recent example, which was notorious in the media, was the case of square maniac in São Paulo (Brazil). Sometimes, wild instincts unexpectedly become manifest and that man made hideous crimes. This is all cruel, shocking, but is the reality the LORD, my FATHER, showed me”.

19) What is your opinion regarding homosexuality? What leads the human being to practice it?

INRI CRISTO: “In this case, I reiterate once more: all what you do that does evil for you or for others is a sin. All what you do that does no evil for you nor for others isn’t a sin. Personally, I don’t have sexual perturbation, since I don’t live in the world as a man. GOD granted me with power over the flesh and authority to extend this power. I teach the disciples to live in purity transmuting sex sacred energy with prayer through vertebral spine, culminating in the symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY (“To everyone who conquers I will give permission to eat from the tree of life that is in the paradise of GOD” – Revelation c.2 v.7). Those who question me I teach what is pleasant at the eyes of my FATHER; if it depended on me everyone would live in purity. But many men, many minds. Sexual behavior is a matter of intimate choice, although it is inspired by sodomistic and gomorrian contemporary society, whose archaic, iniquitous, corrupt and ill laws compel the unwarned victim to succumb to an altar of orgies. Whoever is in the world is pressured to follow social patterns, which impose the need to fornicate. Darkness spirits deceive human beings making them believe that the consummation of a love feeling is in the practice of fornication, independently whether it is a homosexual relationship or not. What concerns the Holy Scriptures, female homosexuality is not mentioned; the male one, however, is (“You shall not approach a man as if he were a woman” – Leviticus c.18 v.22). Human being is endowed with free will, which gives him the inalienable right to decide what to do with his body. Each one must know how to behave. In each head there’s a branch of Celestial Holy Court with a judge on duty. He will dictate the sentence according to his consciousness and knowledge concerning divine law. Therefore, if you do something with your body that does evil neither for you nor for others, it’s not a sin. But if you noticed that it has done something evil for you, if perhaps a melancholic emptiness, a feeling of anguish and depression remains in your inner, then you committed a sin. I have nothing against the homosexuals. Only due to my representative condition I am against vices. From my part, I don’t discriminate the homosexuals. I love all of them, as in the light of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me, I love all creatures moving over the Earth. And just because the homosexuals are discriminated by society, they have more facility to understand my condition of revolutionary, my reality. Many have already come to me with the intention to obtain guidance and to learn how to change their sexual behavior. With my heart full of love I receive them and teach them to transmute sex sacred energies with prayer, as they are my sons, also. I know this answer will not be well received by the majority, but not even two thousand years ago I could please everyone”.

20) What is the best way to educate children?

INRI CRISTO: “The good gardener is the one who, at the right time, prunes the plants so that they grow and spring beautiful flowers and abundant fruits. So also must the genitor, as a good gardener, prune, I mean, correct her descendants since early age in order that, when they are grown, become correct and exemplary citizens. It becomes necessary that the genitor always apply adequate disciplinary correction at the propitious time. In the Holy Scriptures there are salutary instructions, ministered thousands of years ago, regarding children’s education (“Folly is bound up in the heart of a boy, but the rod of discipline drives it far away”- Proverbs c.22 v.15 / “Do not withhold discipline from your children…” – Proverbs c.23 v.13 and 14). It’s part of the eternal and perfect law of GOD; even within hundreds of years this will be the most salutary way to educate descendants. However, the genitor shall never apply discipline with hatred in her heart, under the penalty of committing exaggerations and, consequently, being infringing divine law, since you shall never hate whosoever. On the contrary, she must lovingly look at her descendants, always keeping in mind she is correcting them so that they become decent people and grow in the path of wisdom. GOD allows the birth of human beings on earth, but genitors are responsible for their education and formation, they have the sacred mission of educating. Many genitors who asked my help and applied the adequate disciplinary method came to thank me afterward. In the condition of humanity’s Father, I am educator. Up to nowadays, all the children I educated (most of whom through their genitors) are far from vices and crime; they live harmoniously. Two thousand years ago, I said to disciple John: “I reprove and discipline those whom I love. Be earnest, therefore, and repent” (Revelation c.3 v.19). When the genitor knows to discipline, with a look she says what the descendant shall do or not. Educated children are always welcome and demonstrate genitor’s probity. Contrarily, undisciplined children demonstrate carelessness and indifference of those who raised them up. Every women who tolerates descendants’ defects and does not correct them in time deserves to visit them in prison”.

21) How do you face modern educating methods?

INRI CRISTO: “Anyone who neglects children’s education is betraying the law of GOD. Who says children shall not be educated with the rod of discipline truly has hidden intention into fabricating degenerated beings, future clients. What will dishonest psychoanalysts and psychologists live on, who will bring them profit if parents know to educate their descendants with ancient method, the most effective one? They need to teach that children must not be corrected so that they grow ungoverned, disoriented, unbalanced. But honest professionals who deal with human soul agree with me and even become my friends. All this craziness you see nowadays in television happens due to misrepresented degenerating education. The voice of people, inspired by GOD, says: “it’s from little the cucumber is wringed”. This quotation is not only right but also makes a very strong link rise between descendants and genitors. When these ones are rigorous on discipline, their descendants feel protected, since they know and intuit someone is guiding them in the correct way. Who among you, having a good nature, doesn’t thank from deep within the heart for having been correctly disciplined in childhood by genitors?”

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