Inri Cristo answers about soul and tatoos

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When a soul reincarnates, does it choose the country? (Marlene West – Australia)
INRI CRISTO: “The soul has no land, no nationality. The soul is a microcosm, a subtle particle of the macrocosm. It has no boundary, no language, no ethnicity. The soul does not choose the country, but is attracted to reincarnate in that body that is reserved, programmed by the Divine Providence.”
Why do you vehemently forbid the use of tattoos as described in Leviticus c. 19 v.28: “You shall not make any gashes in your flesh for the dead or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD”? (Tiago, Bahia – Brasil)
INRI CRISTO: “Well, I know that sometimes super sincerity offends, but I’ll answer sincerely. I Hope the tattooed understand the meaning because I cannot pretend, I cannot lie, I’m forced to speak the truth. I am not against any person who is tattooed. I have friends, dear people, who in spite of being tattooed, commune with me in the heart. But I’ll explain the meaning of what is foreseen there in the Bible. It is not I speaking, it is not my opinion; it is what is written there. According to the recently mentioned verses, it is written there that no one shall be tattooed, because tattooing metaphysically, spiritually corresponds to branding. In the case of cattle, if you have numerous herd, you have to tattoo your initials on it to indicate that the cattle belongs to you, it is your property. Now the question that will not silenced and only I can answer, I know that it is unpleasant, but I have to answer: Who is the one to order the human being to be tattooed? At first there is the side of ignorance, as the person does not know that it is wrong to do such a thing – I know that at this point the tattooers will be very angry with me, but so many people I saw spending fortunes to remove tattoos and were often unsuccessful, besides the danger of the procedure… But then, who is the one who commands a person to be tattooed, who orders them to be branded? The cattle owner orders to brand the cattle because he is the owner of the cattle… And when someone accepts to be tattooed, who is ordering him to be tattooed? The order comes from outside, it is given in the neural-system… And who is giving the order? Think about it, meditate… Metaphysically speaking, I tell you that the one who gives this order is the spirit of darkness, aiming to brand that person, meaning: “This one is mine, this one is part of my legion…” I want to let it be very clear that I love all the tattooed and the tattooers, as I know that it is their job. This is all part of the end of times, as so many other things… And I always say again: in the light of my FATHER, who is in me, I continue to love, with no exception, all the creatures that move upon Earth, obviously according to the law of equality. My tattooed children, remember that I love you; I understand the reasons that lead you to make tattoos, it is a contemporary cultural influence. I won’t declare who, but I have eclectic and ecclesiastic disciples who are tattooed, just to show that I am not against the tattooed; I just interpret the law”.


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