Inri Cristo’s interview with Sabado News Magazine (Portugal)


– How was the specific moment of the revelation that you embodied Jesus Christ?

INRI CRISTO: “In brief, after passing through a series of unusual “coincidences” since I received the command to leave Brazil in 1978, the circumstances lead me to the fast in a stone house in Puente Alto, Santiago of Chile, where I had the revelation of my identity… The house was situated away from downtown, far from the turbulences of the large city, and from that place it was possible to see the Andes Cordillera. I was there, looking at the walls, windows, and nothing happened… the hours took long to pass. No light was opened in heaven, no angel appeared to tell the story, there was no cinematographic fiction; there was only the silence, a deep silence, predicting the shock of reality that came next. Since it was the first time that I fasted, I ignored the need to ingest water, that means, I fasted “dry”. The liquids were vanishing from my body through the urine… I was beginning a process of starvation. In the evening of the third day of the fast, suddenly, that voice said, this time more strongly and more imperiously than ever: “STAND UP!” When I stood up, I got dizzy, as while fasting, blood takes time to achieve the head. My hands did not sustain me, they swayed back. My arms did not sustain me and I fell with the nose on the ground, as you can see until nowadays the scar resulting from this fall. Then, amidst a puddle of blood, the voice said: “Pain is necessary, blood is necessary, so when they insult and reproof you, you will remember that it is the same blood that you spilled on the cross. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, I am your LORD and GOD, and you are my Son, the same crucified Christ. Henceforth, you will wander upon Earth as a wandering pilgrim. You will be imprisoned, expelled, humiliated, hatred. You will pay to sleep and they will not allow you to sleep, your tunic will be dirty and you will have no one to wash it, many will mock and jibe you so that you know deeply the hearts of your children, which are your people. It is the reproof that awaits you. But I will be with you.” (“… But first it is necessary that he endures much suffering and be rejected by this generation. Just as it was at the times of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). Then He revealed the mystery of my name, which is INRI, the name that I paid with my blood on the cross two thousand years ago. So far the second letter was providentially upside down, Iuri, the name that I adopted in 1969 when I received an order to begin the public life (Iuri ≠ Inri). And the LORD unveiled all my past as if it were a film screen, the stages of the previous incarnations. I that speak to you am the First Son of GOD, Adam, and reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. From that moment on, everything changed for me, little by little the LORD went on showing me the reasons so that I could understand all the experiences which He subjected me to, the glimpses of the beyond and the moments of transcendence which I lived before the fast, but obedient to His imperious command, I could not comment about them to anyone… From then on, everything became clear and I started to wander upon Earth conscious of my real condition.”

– Have you never doubted your belief that you are indeed the incarnation of Jesus?

INRI CRISTO: “It’s impossible because I do not believe, I know it! First, I do not believe that I am Jesus, even because Jesus is an obsolete name; I am INRI. Jesus is the name that I used two thousand years ago. Those who believe can misbelieve, but the one who knows does not stop to know, and I would never base my life on a belief. I was an atheist during many years before I had the revelation. I only kept on fulfilling my mission for more than 30 years because I KNEW. My FATHER revealed it to me. It was not any voice. It was a powerful voice which revealed itself to me in the fast and revealed who I am. Therefore, it is not a matter of belief, but of knowledge. My disciples do not believe that I am Christ; they know who I am. For this reason there is no danger that they behave as did Judas Iscariot, who believed in the morning and betrayed me in the evening”.

– You have a congregation where most of your followers are women. How do you explain this phenomenon? Is it a sect?

INRI CRISTO: “SOUST is not a congregation nor a sect, but a mystical and philosophical school where I teach the path of conscientious freedom. Most of those who live the ecclesiastic regimen here are women because for being my disciples it is necessary for them to be unbounded to any commitment in the world, and most of the men who meet me are already committed, they are family chiefs. That is not the case of the eclectic disciples, who put in practice my teachings in any part of the world. Furthermore, women have the gift of intuition. If by chance women have more thirst for freedom, more women approach me. Only the intelligent, wise men, appreciate the conscientious freedom, enjoyed by being free, but they are in smaller number. This is a metaphysical matter, it does not depend on me. It depends on the laws of nature. Therefore, I cannot blame or be blamed if a male does not see and a female sees, if a male does not have thirst for conscientious freedom and a female has. Those who have thirst, men and women, come to me; and I’m not referring only to those who are here with me. This happens in the whole world. People who are willing to be free, to do as I taught, praying in the room with the door shut (“But whenever you pray, go into your room and close the door and pray to your Heavenly FATHER. And your FATHER, who sees in secret, will reward you” – Matthew c.6 v.6), without being slaves of any religion, these ones come to me. As I said two thousand years ago, the Kingdom of GOD does not come with external appearance (“The Kingdom of GOD does not come with things that can be observed… because the Kingdom of GOD is within you” – Luke c.17 v.20 and 21). In each city of the whole world there is someone who became a branch of GOD’s Kingdom, because he learned to pray in the room with the door shut, thus becoming a luminous temple of the LORD. This is what I teach until nowadays”.

– What is your relationship with the Catholic Church? Do they think you are a fraud?

INRI CRISTO: “Since my FATHER declared it proscribed on the occasion of the Libertarian Act on Feb 28th 1982 and ratified the proscription* inside Peter’s Basilica when I went to the Vatican on Sep 24th 1983, I do not have anything else to declare, but that she is the whore of Revelation c.17. Regarding what they think about me, I do not think about them; I know about them”.

P.S.) Behold the words that the ALMIGHTY spoke though INRI CRISTO’s mouth on the occasion: “Dry, sick tree, dry! Dry so that the good tree that I planted springs and gives to me and to my children the fruits that you deny!”

When the LORD mentions the good tree, He refers to SOUST.

– Why were you expelled from many countries? Was it a case of religious intolerance?

INRI CRISTO: “That is the main reason. Except in the case of England, which has another reason that was revealed to me afterwards…”

– You have already been in Portugal. Where have you been and how were you received?

INRI CRISTO: “The first time I went to Portugal was in 1980 and I was well received, I keep a sublime memory of Rossio Square, where I spoke to people and it was even possible to hear a fly, due to the silence of people who wanted to listen to me. I was announced by newspaper O Dia, and then a crowd of educated people came to meet me. The second time I went there was in 2001, invited by SIC television through the producer Paulo Chitas, me and my disciples, and I spoke some hours in the TV program Noites Marcianas”.

Inri Cristo at the program Noites Marcianas in Portugal, year 2001. Presenter Carlos Cruz.
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