Mystical Coexistence: the physical realm and the Cosmos

The mind, the Power of the Mind, the Soul, the Spirit, the Akashic Records and the Karma



“My FATHER, LORD and GOD instructed me to explain to my children, in order that they have the consciousness, about the mechanism that enables the actuation of the spirit, the mind and the mental power together with the physical body, that is your vehicle and instrument given by your Heavenly FATHER to live on Earth, also what is the bond of the spirit, the mind and the mental power with the higher cosmic realm. To what extent does the spirit, the mind and the mental power exist and stop existing?

When the human being takes a completely materialistic life and ignores the subtleness of the spiritual realm, as it happens to the atheists (condition that I experienced until the revelation in 1979), to the intellectualoids, to the orphans of spirituality, he believes that death is the end of life, the end of existence and identity, thus considering life a biological fatality. The vast majority of human beings live twenty, thirty, fifty, seventy and even a hundred years here on Earth without knowing the existence of the spirit, that means, without experiencing spirituality. This can be considered the main reason for the queues of dying people in the hospitals, who are kept alive in vegetative state with help of machines, thus turning their back to the course of nature due to the fear of dying, surrendering the spirit. Ignorance is the root and cause of such unnecessary suffering, since in reality the spirit never dies. The spirit is an energetic particle of life emanated from the CREATOR, from the Cosmos, from the Infinite, integrating the whole and dissolved in it, yet at the same it is unique, endowed with identity and individuality. When you disincarnate, the mind – which is bonded to the brain, human body’s center of command – is what dies. The mistake is in confusing the mind with the spirit, since the mind is human, the mind dies, while the spirit does never die, except the spirits hopelessly and irreversibly obstinate violating the divine law. For being a kind of cancer in the cosmos, they are inexorably eliminated, extirpated, annihilated. For those who could not understand until now, this is the second death that I mentioned to the disciple John on the book of Revelation (c.2 v.11).

Very truly I tell you: not even when the body sleeps does the spirit dissociate from the physical body. The spirit gets out and goes around, as it rarely remains close to the body. Your body and your mind sleep, as they need to rest, however your blood does not coagulate because there is an invisible cord tied to the spirit while you sleep. Only when you die, when you disembody, this invisible cord is completely cut, thus separating the spirit from the body and then the blood coagulates. Physical death means the lack of the bond with the cosmos, with you, who are spirit, since the spirit serves as intermediary between the physical body and the spiritual realm, the planets, the stars, finally, the emanations from the cosmos. In the meanwhile during the time you are sleeping, many times the dreams are manifested. Dreams are projections of the spirit in form of images filed in the unconscious plan of the mind in different intensities. Sometimes the dreams produce clear memories, as if they had been real situations, while other times they are completely dissipated from the memory. These projections also vary according to the precedence and the meaning. Explaining in a general way, there are dreams originated from the cosmos, when the spirit brings an impression, a warning, a premonition or an information from the cosmic realm to register in the mind. They can also occur from recent memories, desires, anxieties, fears, or from interference of dark spirits that may disturb even during the sleep.

My FATHER instructed me how to discern amidst the different characteristics of the dreams. There is the prophetic dream, which serves like a vision of a future happening, or it warns about something bad that could happen in order to prevent it in time. We have the example of the prophetic dreams interpreted by Prophet Daniel, registered in the Holy Scriptures. There are also the dreams originating from a wish, a fear or a remembrance: they register something you would like to happen, something you were afraid would happen or a situation that you lived recently whose impression continues active in the memory, like when you watch a movie, television news or a soap opera. And of course, since one cannot command the dreams or determine a trajectory for them, it is possible to occur the junction of two or three of these factors or even different ones, as it is not possible to label or to stigmatize the manifestations from the spiritual realm. Everything happens very quickly, instantaneously, at the light speed, in an unceasing, continuous, perpetual flow, bonded to the individuality of each human being.

The darkness spirits, for having been stripped of a physical body, are in need of someone’s body (which is turned into a mount in this case) for becoming manifest. The malignant cannot use a spirit as it is impossible one spirit incorporating into another spirit. For this reason, the evil is always trying, always seeking new ways to use the body and the mind of the human beings; it is terrible, shocking, but it is the reality. Therefore, while you sleep it is possible that a dark spirit slyly invades your body, which is your vehicle, thus provoking undesirable dreams. Sometimes the evil comes to minister an idea he wants you to make, however you know that you will never do it; or he inculcates fears, negative feelings and impressions. For this reason, it is necessary praying when going to bed, so you will have the divine protection. But it is not merely praying with the mouth; you have to pray with heart and soul, in order to balance your energies before resting and keep registered in the mind your colloquy with the Heavenly FATHER as the last image.

Now I will explain, from the part of my FATHER, what the mental power consists of. The mental power is the cosmic power that enlightens, vivifies the spirit. It enables the power of speech and the power that moves us towards a mission, for example. The mental power, which is a synonym for the divine Light, comes from the cosmos; it emanates from the stars, from the planets, from the galaxies, finally, from the whole Universe. All the human beings have the spirit and the mind, but the mental power will be limited to each individual according to the law of karma, spiritual condition and evolution. So you can better understand why there are so many differences between one human being and another. The biophysical factors that involve genetics, nutrition, complexion (physical constitution), the social environment, amidst others, can explain why sometimes an individual is endowed with brilliant mathematic logical ratiocinating and elevated intellectual capacity, however continues mediocre, materialistic, with limited mental power. So also there are people who, in spite of not having affinity to erudition, to the intellectuality, are abundantly endowed with mental power originating from the cosmos due to the advanced spiritual improvement.

But in my case, as it happens quite different than for most Earth inhabitants, I explain: you who know me more closely must have already witnessed how sometimes I am quiet, meek and frail like a child. However, when I am in public, mainly in case someone offends me, the Lion of Judah comes out (Revelation c.5 v.5). In this occasion, the mental, cosmic power, which is GOD’s power, simply manifests, and even if I try, I cannot control such power. Behold why I say that I do not have free-will. Could I control this power each time someone offends or disrespects me; I would then tell him: “Be careful, here is the power of the Lion of Judah!”. But it does not happen this way. I cannot control it; the control is up to my FATHER, LORD and GOD.

The mental power is coupled to the physical body together with the spirit at the time of someone’s birth. So, if someone has a mission to fulfill, since childhood will be different from the other children according to the mental power. However, such mental power is almost imperceptible in them, since in childhood one does not know to administrate it yet. Therefore, will grow with that power and only by the adult age (which happens around 21 years-old) the spirit will be prepared to slowly manage that cosmic power received at the moment of birth. By the time of death, the spirit will again carry the cosmic power. In addition to it, will also take what the esoteric environment calls as “akashic registers”, which are the memories impregnated in the spirit. The mind will vanish, since the mind dies with the body, and this will be given back to the bosom of mother Earth, in the mystical meeting of renewal. And because the ego is leashed to the mind, it is for such reason that the more one is detached from the ego, more easily will be able to surrender the spirit and less will suffer to disincarnate; in other words, will have the sleep of the righteous.

When you reincarnate, you receive a new body from mother earth and a new mind, however your spirit is the same and will be endowed with the mental power as I have just explained. Then you have to start all over again, since the mind is a new one; it is always renewed. If you were a scientist in Russia and you reincarnate in a slum here in Brazil, it is obvious that while in childhood, you will use the toys and the games of the slum, not an instrument from Russia. Even though you may be an evolved, experienced spirit, the mind is renewed. Therefore, until achieving the maturity, you will have to undergo a long ritual, a process concerning the growth, the biophysical development. You will have to play with dolls or small cars, study at the school of men or even in the school of life. Such new mind grows and develops together with the body. The memory from other lives happens only when GOD decides and it becomes necessary for one to fulfill a mission, as it happened to me there in Santiago of Chile. On the contrary, it is better not to remember, since it is necessary to suffer all over again, as I suffered in Santiago. My FATHER subjected me to painful circumstances only to give me the full consciousness of my identity and of my mission. Therefore, how does the evolution that someone acquired in one life pass to the other life? It is right then that the three stages of life take place. First, second and third. The first stage goes until achieving the age of 7; the second, until achieving the age of 14 and the third happens up to 21 years old and from then on. When you become adult and your body is biophysically complete – which does not happen when you are 2 or 10, but when you are 21 – only then you, as much as your new mind, will be prepared to slowly receive – just as if it were a dream, an inspiration – the information that concerns to your being, according to the divine providence, according to the will of your CREATOR, according to your mission, according to your merit and according to your karma. Finally, it happens for each one in a different level again in agreement with the law of equality, which consists of unequally distributing to unequal ones as much as they unequal themselves. And then the law of talent takes place. If you have the gift to be a musician, a pianist, a flautist, you will not be happy or successful being a banker. You have to follow the direction of your artistic vein. For such reason, it does not work when a father decides that his son will become a dentist only because he is a dentist, as the son may have been born to be a spy, a musician, a tractor driver, a cowboy… When a child around 3 years old knows to read, write, play an instrument… it happens when he receives in advance, for reasons that only GOD knows, some information of adaptation before the age of 21.

One of the most incredible, amazing situations that I ever lived after the fast was when I realized that it had been not even one second since I was crucified, as in the cosmic realm time is not taken into account. I remember when I was lodged in Alpes of Coronado, in San Jose of Costa Rica, invited by Elena de Lin, who had a very strong mystical bond with me. I remember that she, her children and me were in the middle of a conversation. It didn’t take long and I said that I would go out for a walk. I was barefoot, as in front of her house, in the middle of nature, there was a large land, and the earth was virgin, pure and clean. While I walked, I began to have memory of when I walked barefoot two thousand years ago, but I did not tell them this. I just thought to myself: “Why did I take two thousand years to come back here?”, but soon after this, it came to my mind: “I did not take two thousand years; it just took two thousand years here on Earth”. I could never forget this day and this moment.

Because of my mission and spiritual condition, while a child, I woke up early in the morning, the walls of the room disappeared and those terrible visions came through; they were terrible nightmares of people groaning, dragging upon their own limbs, mass destructions… The couple of German peasants who raised me did not know why I woke up or what happened to me; I had inner order of not declaring anything to anybody. Nowadays I know that my FATHER was slowly preparing me. After I fasted and He revealed my identity, everything was clear in my brain, and later I just had that last vision concerning the world ending. When I see these horrible images on television, for me it comes to be even a comfort. At least now I am sharing with others what I have seen along my whole life. Did I declare such visions when I was a child, they could even think that I had gone crazy, they would not be able to understand me. But now it is different; humanity is glimpsing the chaos, is suffering the misfortunes and the consequences for the constant violation of GOD’s law. With the globalized world, the images that we see nowadays on television are also seen by the whole planet too. And the forces of evil get desperate to see that, even though I seem to be motionless, I am advancing. Now I have the consciousness of how much fear the enemies of the truth have for my image. By one hand, I have the suffering of knowing that I am hatred for saying the truth, but by the other hand, above the suffering, I glimpse the power of GOD who created my image this way again. And one day this image will be seen by the whole humanity, and then all that is foreseen in the Holy Scriptures will be fulfilled.

As I have already told you before, the spirit is a particle of the cosmos at the same time that it serves as a connection with the cosmos. In spite of being influenced by the mistake and alienation imposed by religions, each spirit who believes in Christ, who has faith and devotion for Christ, is bearer of a cosmic particle that is connected to Christ. While I am prevented from openly speaking and manifesting to my people, all these cosmic particles that are concerned with Christ, to the Son of Man who speaks to you, they are in the churches and in pharisaical temples, in the statues built in my former, obsolete name (Jesus), in power of those who declare themselves bishops, priests, cardinals, popes, pastors… finally, these ones who claim to be my representatives but in fact they are servants of the darkness principality. When the day of the LORD is come and my hair is white as snow (Revelation c.1 v.14), I will speak to the whole humanity, and then the cosmic particle that is in power of those who claim to be my servants and representatives will come to me. In this condition you will see the Son of Man come over the clouds of heaven with great power and glory. It means that all these cosmic particles relating to the Son of Man will be concentrated in the Son of Man’s body. In this condition I will travel all over the world in an airplane in order to gather my children from every part of the terrestrial dimension.

In 1980, when I was fasting in Brasilia, a woman called Natanri came to my presence. At that time, although it was after the fast in Chile, I introduced myself to people as a prophet sent by the ALMIGHTY, as I was not authorized by the LORD yet to openly declare who I am, except to some people that He would allow me to. When, obedient to the LORD, I revealed to this woman who I am, that I am the same crucified Christ, she said astonished: “This that you are telling me is something very serious”. In this occasion, I was walking with her in the middle of the nature, it was raining slightly, and she added: “If you are alone, how can you impose that you are Christ, how will you make others believe that you are Christ?” Then my mouth opened and, from the part of my FATHER, I told her something amazing:

“Now I am talking to you, but later I will speak to others and more people. Now I cannot say who I am, but the day will come that I will have to publicly declare who I am. And the more I say, more people will see who I am. And the more people see who I am, the easier it will be for others to see who I am, since the one who sees who I am gives something that is mine back to me, and the more people give what is mine back to me, the more they will think about me as Christ, the one anointed by the FATHER. Then others who have not seen yet that I am Christ, even my enemies, will start to see it too, and so on… This happens because of the bond of love, the love that human beings have for Christ, and the bond of love does never end”.

In the current times, even these pastors who come to my presence, when they are close to me, I feel that, although unconsciously, they love me.

For the time being, my condition is very difficult. I cannot be hypocrite or conniving with the ones that use my former, obsolete name (Jesus) to deceive my people, as they are thieves possessing my richness, which is also the richness of my children. So you can understand why at those days they will come to say: “Lord, Lord, didn’t we heal in your name, and in your name expel the demons, and in your name operated many miracles?”, and I will tell them aloud: “I never knew you; get away from me, you evildoers” (Matthew c.7 v.22 and 23). But my FATHER, magnificent, merciful and perfect, subjected me for long years to the cruel and frozen reproof of my contemporaries, to the despise of this generation of hardened hearts, in order to grant me authority, security and discernment, thus proceeding to the righteous judgment (“But first must he endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). And then, when the day of the LORD is come and I will be seen and recognized by humanity, for many it will be late, too late: all the hatred, mockery, indifference… will be turned into impossible love. And in the shining of the divine justice, glory will love me”.


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