INRI CRISTO’s manifesto to the land of the Holy Cross


On August 15th 2012, followed by his disciples, INRI CRISTO personally went to the Brazilian Supreme Tribunal of Justice in order to make a pronouncement about the judgment of the case “mensalao” (a case of political corruption). His presence was notified by the Brazilian media (Folha de São Paulo, Veja online, G1, UOL, O Globo, Época, Estadão, Yahoo Brasil, Portal Terra, Correio do Brasil, RedeTV!, Gazeta do Povo, amidst others). Besides verbally manifesting, INRI CRISTO’s consultantship published a written manifesto, which was distributed to the present journalists, with the following message:



“In the condition of voter and jurists’ adviser, I came here to check if Brasilia will take the occasion to hygiene its image or will continue allowing the assault and mockery that the intruders insist on imposing to her, running against the Brazilian nation. It has been seven years since I’ve been asked about the case “mensalao”.After all, what is happening in Brazil? The delator omitted that the president was the commander of the operation aiming to focus the minister, target of his personal enmity. Behold the marketing blow of the criminalist that I once met at the extinct program O Povo na TV, in Rio de Janeiro, 1981. The Brazilian people is versatile, intelligent and may be mistaken by the candidate’s discourse, they can even elect a sly, a tricky-guy, a boaster… Some presidents assumed in the condition of dictators, others renounced, as happened with Janio Quadros, Fernando Collor… Getulio Vargas committed suicide. Castelo Branco was hit by a plane… However, the Brazilian people never elected a twit. It happens that there is a president who pretends to be an ass to continue eating corn.Brasilia is not what lay people think and speak of her. The politicians will pass, the governments will pass, men will pass and Brasilia will continue to be the New Jerusalem of Revelation c.21. The day when Brazil be effectively democratic, vote will be facultative and then the politicians will be for a great surprise. In 1998 I was expelled from the National Congress for speaking these things and announcing that if Brazil did not take me seriously, would suffer a bloody civil war. And this war, in spite of not declared, is clandestinely in march, it is evident. Currently in Brazil there are more people dying for daily violence than in any war of the contemporary world.I pray to my FATHER, LORD and GOD to inspire president Dilma Roussef aiming that she restores the dignity of the nation and of the New Jerusalem. And now I warn once more: the media that persists ignoring my words will be extinguished by the divine executioner, THE TIME.”

New Jerusalem – Brasilia, August 15th 2012.

INRI CRISTO – Filosopher, Educator, SOUST’s Regent


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