Parable of Salvation – Christ is not GOD, but the anointed by GOD



“My children, in past centuries humanity has mistakenly been lead to believe that I am the savior, but it is incongruent, it is a dogmatic lure. Neither two thousand years ago or now did I say that I am the savior. In fact, I am the expositor, the decipherer of the enigmas from my FATHER, LORD and GOD, and for this reason I announced to those who heard me: “The words that I tell you, I do not tell you by my own, but the FATHER, who is in me, He does the works” (John c.14 v.10). In other words, only He saves. I guide, instruct so that each one seeks for salvation inwardly by establishing the symbiosis, the perennial communion with the ALMIGHTY.

Let’s imagine that there are thousands of people shipwrecked, drowning in open sea, or in a large lake, similar to Paranoa, here in Brasilia. Imagine that I am in the center of the lake, on a raft, and from there I speak aloud: “Look, my children, pay attention, I can teach you to swim, I can help you to survive, pay attention!” In this parable the raft symbolizes GOD’s Kingdom, formalized as SOUST, which, differently from the terrestrial reigns, does not come with external appearance (“GOD’s Kingdom does not come with things that can be observed… because GOD’s Kingdom is within you” – Luke c.17 v.20 and 21). GOD’s Kingdom is a magnetic, subtle kingdom, of energies, signs and Light. As long as I gesticulate with the arms how you shall swim, forehead, backwards, etc. those who look at me, who pay attention to my gestures, start to float and can manage to achieve the border, on secure land. At the same time, those who regressed, who did not pay attention to me, who were careless, disdainful of my instructions and only kept worrying about their own thoughts, afraid to die, will fatally sink. So is the life of Earth inhabitants.

When I appear in the media, including humorous programs, or when I share my FATHER’s teachings on Saturdays in the program INRICRISTOTV, I am exposing to mankind and calling everyone, fulfilling what I said two thousand years ago: “Many are called and few are chosen” (Matthew c.20 v.16). However, the one who makes the choice is my FATHER. And the choice happens when He, the only and legitimate Savior, reveals who I am in the innermost being of each one. Therefore, when the human being becomes conscious of my identity, he starts to take my teachings under consideration, just as the shipwrecked ones see me in the raft that I have just mentioned, pay attention to my gestures and consequently learns to swim, in order to save themselves from sinking.

I have many things to tell you, my children, but to enable you assimilate them, it is necessary that you pay attention to my words, and with the eyes open, look directly and listen to me, since the most transcendental teachings that my FATHER ordered to reveal are said from lips to ears.

Stay with my peace!”


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