Parable of the Cage Vehicle



“All of you, my children, are spirit. I that speak to you am spirit also and speak to the spirit that you are. The body you receive from the Heavenly FATHER, made of ingredients from mother nature, is only a vehicle that you use to live in, to walk over the Earth when you reincarnate. Some reincarnate to fulfil a mission according to GOD’S plans, others reincarnate to evolve when they are already on the path of spiritual transcendence, and there are also the ones who come to atone for their sins due to the karmic debt from previous incarnations.

Death does not exist, as the spirit is immortal and vivifies the physical body. All of you disincarnate and reincarnate, that means that you are born and reborn several times. The cycle of reincarnation is the most beautiful and perfect mechanism of divine law for the evolution and improvement of spirits. The Earth is a school where you prepare and purify your spirit until some day it becomes worthy of reintegration with the CREATOR, the great soul from where your own soul emanates, the great spirit from whom everything originated.

Your body is a vehicle, but at the same time, it is also a cage, a carnal jail, and the prison of the spirit. As years pass by, this cage slowly deteriorates, vanishes, dissipates until the inhabitant is able to be free, to get rid of it. So happens the natural course of life, except for those who disincarnate precociously for they owed one life as advocates the law of return, better known as the law of karma; synthesised in two words, it consists of action and reaction, or cause and effect (“an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…..a life for a life” – Exodus c.21 v 23 and 24).

When you reincarnate, each one of you that is spirit, assumes a body in formation. In the course of years, as long as you have suitable nutrition, it grows and integrally assumes its shape. In youth you seek to live intensively, through the mistakes and successes, you obtain experience; you walk through winding, fascinating and sometimes completely unknown pathways that life places in front of you. But it is necessary for you to guide the course of your lives, making good use of free will, and not merely accepting whatever life imposes upon you as a course to follow. You are responsible for your acts, words, thoughts and deeds. Drive your cage; do not resign to be dominated by it.

While you have not suffered the action of time, you are retained, fastened to the Earth, to the limitations of your bodies, to the earthly commitments, to the attachments to carnal ties and material goods. In the course of time, when you are already matured, an adult, experienced; finally, when the body you believe belongs to you is tired, aged, inapt to continue moving around due to the overpowering action of time, the cage slowly vanishes allowing you to return to your origin with the FATHER. However, you cannot, by your own will destroy, damage, rupture its walls; you would be infringing the commandments of the divine law. You have to patiently wait for that time, even in its apparent slowness, when it corrodes, destroys. vanishes the cage, so you will be set free for the greater freedom. That is the moment you disincarnate, when you get rid of the carnal cage to be united with the Heavenly FATHER. The blessed spirits who lived according to divine law throughout their existence on Earth, receive the habeas-corpus from the Celestial Saint Tribunal, so they are allowed to have the sleep of the fair in a painless death.

Do not be saddened when you observe time starting to produce its inevitable brands upon you. Contemplate age with serenity, because as long as the cage is vanishing, closer is your freedom. The physical body reintegrates to mother Earth (“You are dust, from dust you came and to dust will return” – Genesis c.3 v.19) and the spirit goes back to the cosmic realm. When you become aware that you are the prisoners of your bodies, there will be no reason for sadness as age advances. The more you have the brands of time upon you, the closer will your freedom be. The mechanism of divine law is so perfect that, as long as time passes, the joviality, the vitality of youth are substituted by the wisdom of the elderly; the brands of age are compensated by wisdom. Many become sad when they observe the apparition of the first wrinkles on the face, they resort to plastic surgery to recompose the shape of youth. Very truly I tell you, trying to soften the effects of time is not a sin. If they want to do so, so they must proceed, because medicine came from the ALMIGHTY (“Every medicine came from GOD” – Sirach c.38). As long as the body is not damaged, it is not a sin to perform such procedure, because sin is all that you do that brings evil for you or for others. All that you do that does not bring evil upon you or upon others is not a sin.

Beauty is a gift from GOD, however, when you comprehend that everything on Earth is transient, that the body is the cage, the prison of your spirit, there will not be reason to lament the inevitable passage of time. There will be rejoicing to know that world; over there time does not exist, because it is eternal, nor does space limitation exist, because it is infinite. Only for much love I reveal all these things to you from the part of my FATHER to provide that you be free from your fears, from your anguish, from your concern with age and death and so you will have security and walk with strong steps over the Earth. My dear and blessed children, serenely contemplate the river of life that incessantly passes by you; because as it happens with the river, you too are also just passing by.”

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