Parable of the Diamonds



“The kingdom of GOD is like a big granary full of wheat and straw among which many diamonds are hidden, scattered. To find them the persevering catcher has to meticulously remove the straw, because between one straw and another he can find a diamond. And only discovering all the diamonds he can form the crown of wisdom. So is the search for GOD’s things and the understanding of GOD’s laws. The attentive searcher, which really has the intention to understand the divine law, can achieve his elevated purposes only if he reads, page by page, with ALMIGHTY’s help, the books that form the Holy Scriptures. He will find tiring histories, will have to bear the grumbling and slanders of Job’s false friends, barks of dogs and grunts of pigs… including Paul’s letters, spurious doctrines ministered by the first anti-christ, first false prophet, until coming to I Corinthians 15:9 and notice that he confessed his condition of false prophet and anti-christ by categorically saying: “I am unfit to be called an apostle because I persecuted the church of GOD”. Also in Galatians c.1 v.7, in a moment of lucidity due to the crisis of consciousness, he declares accursed any other gospel except the one that I left, while in all his ominous, pernicious, poisonous and illegitimate writings he paradoxically insists on ministering a gospel parallel to the one that I left.

GOD, my FATHER and LORD, writes correct even though in winding lines; in His infinite goodness, He allowed Paul to put all his fantasies into the heads of the incautious, providing me to identify the contemporary pharisees, followers of the false prophets, impostors that named themselves shepherds, wolves under sheep skins. They carry a piece of Bible under their arms, wail on the corners and in the pharisaical temples: “the blood of Jesus has the power”. Actually, they are Paul’s followers, as he is the first antichrist and the first false prophet. Such people are marked, branded with the sign that identifies the members of the darkness principality, as I myself admonished. They cannot claim any right for inheritance next to the heirs of GOD’s kingdom, because I warned before crucifixion: “Beware that no one leads you astray… for false christs and false prophets will come in my name, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:5-24). To provide the distinction, my FATHER sent me again with a new name, as it is written in Revelation 3:12 (“That who wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name”). INRI is my new name, the name that I paid with my blood on the cross.

It is necessary that the clever searcher also reads all that I taught this century, since my reappearance, quoted in the book “O Furacão sobre o Vaticano” (The Hurricane over the Vatican), written by the journalist and searcher Pedro Lusz, which has inside part of the history concerning my present reality, the revolutionary act performed in Belem that culminated in the birth of the New Catholic Order (SOUST – Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity), the parables and teachings in book AWAKENER, the interview in the website… finally, all the doctrine that my FATHER ministered through me, fulfilling what I promised before the crucifixion (“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now” – John 16:12).

At the conclusion of such deep study, you will come to the essence of the doctrine that deciphers the mysteries of the divine law, the diamonds of this parable. You will be then suitable to integrate the kingdom of GOD and receive the divine blessings (“But strive first for the kingdom of GOD and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” – Matthew 6:33)”.


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