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Question from an internaut:

Inri Cristo, I am reading the session “Without Censorship” in your website and got positively shocked with the deepness and clarity of the answers. Although I have not read all the questions and answers yet, one of the topics has astonished me. In one of the questions, about abortion, you explain that life as it is known (union of the matter with the spirit) only happens when the newly-born breathes the air for the first time.

This answer left me in doubt, as I always believed that the union of the reincarnating spirit with the matter only happens at the moment of fecundation, when another being, different from mother and father, starts to exist, with a new DNA.

I also got very thoughtful as, according to your understanding, abortion would not be so blameful as we suppose it to be, even in the end of pregnancy, as we would only have the expulsion of the “living” organic matter, however without life, since it is without spirit yet.

Nevertheless, Mr. Inri Cristo, Science shows us that the human fetus is susceptible to emotions such as happiness, fear and even “stress”. Experiences demonstrate that with some months of pregnancy, after the formation of the hearing system, the fetus is able to recognize his mother’s voice, which works to him as a sign of affection. And in sessions of regression it is possible to make people remember events which happened while they were still in the belly of their mothers.

How to justify your answer (that life only appears when the newly-birth breathes the air for the first time) confronting it with the above information, all obtained based on serious scientific research? An organic mass, without a spirit, is not able to have emotions and, even less, to keep memories and recognize his mother’s voice…

I wait an answer from you.
GOD bless us all,



“It is necessary to point out that the fetus can only be considered a child when it can be nurtured independently from the pregnant woman, in other words, when it survives disentailed from the navel cord. While the fetus depends on the body of the pregnant woman, it exists likened to a limb of hers; it is merely a group of cells in multiplication. Only when the fetus has conditions enabling it to be nurtured independently from the woman’s body, can it be considered a child, and in this case, resorting to termination of that life becomes a crime (and a sin in the eyes of GOD). Having an abortion is preferable to throwing children in garbage cans, in the rivers, abandoning them in the streets, as it has been systematically announced in the media; one more sign of the end of times.

It is scientifically proven that the fetus has all his limbs already formed from the 2nd month of pregnancy (including the fingerprints), his brain already produces waves from the 6th week, his heart works from the 21st day on (less than one month after conception). But it happens that the fetus’ life is only the physical life, the life that the pregnant woman gives to him, it is not life emanating from the spirit, from the divine breathe. If the woman feels emotions of fear, happiness, stress, and discharges hormones into her bloodstream, she automatically transfers such emotions to the fetus since he is directly bonded to her body, but it is not a spirit in the fetus that originates the sensations, because the spirit has not yet inhabited the bloodstream (as the blood is the dwelling place of the spirit and the spirit keeps coupled to the blood throughout the terrestrial life). Since the moment that the fetus has nerves, and the nerves receive stimulations, it is natural, completely normal that he responds to such stimulations and even registers the outer impressions in the region of the brain concerning memory (so it is possible to understand why people who subject themselves to the process of regression go into the memories of the intra-uterine period). I reiterate once more that the spirit is coupled to the physical body only when the newly-born takes the first breath of vivifying air; after waiting for this moment to reincarnate throughout the pregnancy, the spirit takes possession of the body at the exact moment when the child fills the lungs with air for the first time. And even so, the spirit only acquires its complete individuality when the navel cord is cut. It is what the LORD, my FATHER, has shown to me and cannot be learned in the academies of men. In order to illustrate what I have just told you, I visit the catacombs of centuries and grant a posthumous tribute to René Descartes, a scientist inspired by GOD who dedicated his life to the study of sciences independent of academies. When he dissected corpses in his studies, in the 17th century, he came to the conclusion that the fetus’ life depends on the pregnant woman; the fetus does not have his own life since his lungs do not work, do not breathe the vital air. He wrote in his Discourse of the Method: “(…) This can be verified in the animals without lungs, which have only a concavity in their hearts, and in children that, not being able to make use of the lungs while inside the mother’s womb, have an opening through which the blood is drained from the vena cava to the left concavity of the heart, and through a channel where the blood comes from the arterial vena to the aorta, the great artery, without passing through the lungs (…)”.

While ever the spirit has not taken possession of the body, the fetus does not have status of child. From approximately the 5th month of pregnancy, which is the moment that the fetus is able to survive outside the woman’s womb, no matter it is in the incubator or any other means, it then acquires the status of child. Then it is up to the scientists determining, calculating from which moment the fetus will be able to survive outside the woman’s womb. It is much better not aborting, but in the need of resorting to abortion, then it should be made soon in the first weeks, preferably before the third month of pregnancy.

The spirit that waits for the moment to reincarnate is just a candidate, but he is not connected to the body that resides inside the woman’s womb. It happens that, if a woman has the chance to abort, the spirit will have to wait for the next opportunity; as my FATHER is the LORD of life and the LORD of destiny, if the woman is able to abort, it means that the body inside her womb was not destined to that spirit; otherwise, the woman would not be able to abort, there would be an impediment. I knew the case of a woman who left the gynecologist stretcher at the last moment and did not conclude the abortion.

As I have already said and repeat, I am not in favor of abortion, but, as I see the crude and naked reality, I am rationally in favor of life, however life with dignity. Since fornication is an instituted habit and demographic explosion is an alarming fact, then it is necessary, imperative that people resort to birth control, beginning by the encouragement of contraceptives (preferably the ones less aggressive and harmful to health) and, as a last option, resorting to abortion as a palliative in the socially extreme situations (amidst the dangers, let the lesser prevail). It is preferable resorting to abortion than throwing into the world thousands of children that will hardly escape from misery, hunger and carelessness, having to beg for alms in the streets, and in many cases they become the delinquent minors, the future “outlaws” discriminated by society, but that the very hypocrite and falsely moralist society helped to form. Since everybody is subject to the temptations, the sins of flesh, from the part of my FATHER I reveal to you that abortion is a smaller sin (and the woman already atones for it when subjecting to the embarrassment, the torture on the occasion of the curette by the gynecologist) compared to the very serious sin of putting in the world one more defenseless, impotent being, without the needed conditions to nurture him and make him grow with dignity.

It is necessary that humanity knows it to finish once and for all with this abominable blackmail, these threats, this curse imposed upon the defenseless women by the false-religious that, by sordid reasons, violate, despise, run over what I said two thousand years ago: “If any member of your body causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of your members than for your whole body to be thrown into hell” (Matthew c.5 v.29 and 30). There is nothing more scandalous than a woman having to carry in her womb the fetus produced by the rapist and, after putting one more undesirable being in the world, having to hate him and blame him for the rest of life. Let us leave hypocrisy apart and be realist. Humanity must wake up, awake from such lethargic sleep; believe it or not, I am here, I returned to Earth with the mission of clearing out the divine law so that my children be effectively free in their consciousnesses.

It is worth remembering once more: all that you do that makes harm for you or for others is a sin; all that you do which does not harm yourself nor others is not a sin. Coherence, logic and truth are inseparable from the divine law. The wise meditate with discernment and awaken their consciousnesses”.


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