Interview to Caroline Castro – Superinteressante Magazine (Dec / 2011)


Inri Cristo’s full interview to the reporter Carol Castro, from Superinteressante Magazine, published in December 2011.

1 – First of all, I would like to know more about INRI’s childhood. Were his parents devoted Catholics or did they have a distant relationship regarding religious matters?
INRI CRISTO: “While a boy, I was raised by a couple of German Catholics, Wilhelm Theiss and Magdalena Theiss, who never did explain why I was circumcised. He was a fervorous Catholic, one of those who attended the mass every Sunday, while she was not too attached to religion, she attended mass as a social obligation.”

2 – During childhood, has INRI attended the mass? Have you passed through all the stages of Catholicism (baptism, first communion…)?
INRI CRISTO: “Lead by the couple who raised me while a boy, I did pass by the rituals of the so-called Catholicism: the Catechism, first communion… I attended the mass every Sunday, in the company of Wilhelm Theiss. However, only when I fasted in Santiago of Chile, in 1979, and obtained the consciousness of my identity, did my FATHER, LORD and GOD allow me to understand that all this process had been necessary so that I could assimilate what passes within the inner of the Catholic people, heir of what remained from my former church, the roman.”

3 – How old were you when you started to study more deeply the Christian teachings and the different religions? Was it at this moment that you critically analyzed the Catholic institutions?
INRI CRISTO: “Well, I am theo-taught, studied in a public school for only three years, just enough to be alphabetized. Yet as an adolescent, by the age of 12, I broke any bond with religion at the confession box, when being heard by Friar Roberto Hoffman. On this occasion I became atheist, strictly atheist until the revelation of my identity in the fast, in 1979. But what lead me to such a severe impetus was not the mere studies of Christian teachings, but by empirically observing the behavior of those who claim to be GOD’s servants, the hypocrisy and lie. Since childhood I could realize that all those church festivities only turned around money, profit… it was (and still is) a business. I also realized that there was a notorious prejudice in the treatment of rich and poor, that means, it was two weights and two measures. However, if you are asking when did I start to study the history of Christianity in details, this happened slowly; lead by my FATHER, I had to deepen in the knowledge of Anthropology, Biology, Paleontology… always in the condition of theo-taught, culminating with the assimilation of Creationism and Evolutionism. I was lead to understand the reason of the collisions amidst religions… If GOD is only one, why is there so much hatred amidst different religions? Protestantism, Spiritualism, Catholicism, so many “isms”… including Paganism. Decades later, the book Ceasar and Christ came to my hands, written by Will Durant. In this work are well elucidated the changes that happened in the bosom of Catholicism since the primitive Christian church was monopolized in the IV century by Constantine, emperor of the Roman State, thus becoming the Roman Church.”

4- What is your opinion about the other religions, such as Spiritualism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Umbanda…?
INRI CRISTO: “Yet before my FATHER revealed by identity in the fast, I observed that all the religions are mercantilists, whose main target is to enrich the owners of the churches. In a general and simplified way, I see the religions as an instrument invented by the very men aiming to deceive and dominate one another. It is evident that each of them carries a fragment of the truth, otherwise they would not aggregate adepts. That means, together with the truth, all sorts of fantasies and dogmatic illusions are ministered to the unwarned faithful, who end up accepting everything indiscriminately, without questioning. The Spiritualism, for example, had the mission of rescuing to the occidental world the lost link of Christianity, which are the teachings concerning reincarnation (they just do not admit that Christ would reincarnate as, according to their view, evolved spirits do not come back on Earth, except to incorporate in the mediums in the Spiritualist centers…). The Umbanda, seen under the iconoclastic view that my FATHER endowed me with, is an incentive to the practice of idolatry and mount, since it induces the human beings to carrying mounts of low-sphere spirits (nothing against the people who practice… everything against the fantasies and the mental and spiritual slavery). The Protestant movement evolved to a legion of rodents who are corroding the rotten skull of my former boat, which is the proscribed church (the whore of Revelation c.17). Regarding Buddhism, I cannot manifest about it, as it has not come from me. As I know, Buddhism is sustained by philosophical principles and assimilates the divine law of reincarnation. I know that my opinion will hurt susceptibilities, however not even two thousand years ago I could please everyone… Regarding the word ‘religion’, it originates from Latim, religaire, that means, it literally has the function of ‘re-binding’ the human being to GOD. But I tell you in truth that GOD is only one and does not need intermediary; He does not need any label and is not confined in temples built by men. GOD is the Supreme CREATOR, only non-created Being, only eternal, only Being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of the Universe, and His house is the whole creation. For being omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, He vivifies each cell of your body and each particle of your blood. The religions still exist and are necessary for those who are not ready to enjoy the freedom of consciousness. And my mission here on Earth is exactly to propitiate to my children, who are the unsatisfied, the conscience that everyone is inseparable from the Eternal LORD of Life, and therefore they do not need religion to be connected to Him. Behold why I teach my children to pray at home, inside the room, with the door shut, coherent with what I have already taught two thousand years ago (Matthew c.6 v.6), as they transform their homes into divine temples.”

5 – How old were you when the inner voice appeared for the first time? What was the first reaction? Have you immediately recognized the voice as something divine, that should be taken seriously? Have you told the parents about these voices? Did you have their support?
INRI CRISTO: “Since I was a child, I hear a UNIQUE voice, strong and imperious, which commanded me and that only by the fast in 1979 revealed to me and revealed my identity. When I was a 5 year-old boy, I was awakened in the still of night by terrible visions of people in pain and crawling upon their own exposed limbs… it was a clear image of the end of this chaotic world, a dreadful picture of the future of humanity, and then that imperative voice manifested saying vehemently that I could not tell anything to anybody, not even to the couple who raised me up. The times when I was reluctant to obey, I was assaulted by stabbing headaches, then I knew in my inner that I had to obey. Obedient to this voice I left home by the age of 13 and lived independently from the family, exercising different jobs: I worked as greengrocer, baker, peddler, waiter… always in contact with people. By the age of 21, also obedient to this imperative voice, I began my public life as a prophet, speaking about the Cosmos, the Infinite. Although I continued atheist, I was prophet of an unknown God, since I repudiated the “god” that men made. In 1969, I started speaking on the radio stations, and one year later I started to speak in the televisions. From city to city I spoke to the people exercising the gift of clairvoyance; glimpsed the future of people and helped them with the solution of their problems. In this condition I lived all the steps of society, from the humblest worker to the wealthiest political leader. Obviously, if I were to tell in details the circumstances that lead me to change from one situation to another, it would take much more time, that’s why I’m being short aiming to make easy your understanding. From 1977 on, the process leading to the spiritual transcendence began; the simple fact of becoming vegetarian enabled a tremendous difference in the perception, in the mystical sensitivity. I passed by shocking, amazing experiences, which I could not tell to anybody and only on the occasion of the fast I could understand. Again obedient to that same voice, I left Brazil in 1978 with destination to La Paz, in Bolivia. I felt inside me that I was about to perform a non-return trip, and even declared this in a meetings with journalists. I travelled to many Latin American countries, until I finally arrived in Santiago of Chile, and in September 1979, by the time of the fast, that strong voice which always commanded me revealed as being the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and that I am the same Christ crucified two thousand years ago. Then everything became clear to me, I could then understand everything that the LORD had shown me since childhood, and that I could not so far reveal to anybody. My story is very long and I could spare you the details, however it is exactly in these nuances that you will be allowed to understand my condition and my reality. Nobody is forced to believe”.

6 – How did your parents react when they knew your statements as being the reincarnated Christ?
INRI CRISTO: “When I returned to Brazil after three years of absence and presented dressed with my millenarian garments at the face of those who considered to be my relatives, Wilhelm Theiss was the first and only member of that family to recognize my identity; he knelt down and asked me for the blessing, unlike Magdalena Theiss, who had always been a woman contrary to the mystical issues. Sometimes she asked the blessing, sometimes she heard the relatives speak against me. The times when I went to visit them, Wilhelm always spoke: “Our Lord has arrived”. When he was about to disincarnate, he demanded of the relatives that only I should conduct the funeral. Thus his will was fulfilled, with the difference that I and my disciples were the conductors of the retinue, as I had instruction from the LORD to go ahead of the deceased, not after. This was an “unusual episode.”

7 – At that time, yet in the beginning, Inri managed to gather the crowds, like the ten thousand people who were assembled in Belem of Para, in 1982. What changed since then? At any recent moment have you managed to gather the crowds like before?
INRI CRISTO: “When I performed the Libertarian Act smashing the small dummy which they presented as being me and yet showing the wires inside it aiming to unmask the idolatrous allure, the crowds realized that I am an iconoclast, that I am against idolatry, that I worship only the LORD GOD, the ALMIGHTY, and teach the human beings to worship only Him, the only non-created being, who does not have any mother. Therefore, those who expected an idolatrous Christ distanced from me, as they are more comfortable venerating a christ of plaster, of clay which is eternally nailed on the cross, a complacent christ, accomplice of the crimes committed in the Inquisition, etc. in my former, obsolete name (Jesus) and in name of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, finally, a christ who is conniving with the fantasies and lies preached for centuries. Even so, in 1984, when speaking at Bandeirantes Network, in a TV program called Brasil Urgente, I convoked the people and a crowd was gathered at Se Square, in São Paulo. The gathering was so huge that, when going back to the hotel, the owner did not allow me to go in as the crowd wanted to invade, therefore I was forced to get a taxi and return later, when the crown had already dispersed. Some years later, again a crowd was gathered to hear me speak, this time in Cinelandia Square, in Rio de Janeiro, when the people was informed about it through the extinct Manchete networks. Nowadays, there is no other way to gather a crowd but through the media. Therefore, the times when the media announced my presence somewhere, on these occasions the crowds appeared to hear me. But now I have already understood that not everyone is ready to assimilate the truth; the people who live at the mercy of dogmas (reasoning padlocks) and have idolatry rooted in their innermost being since childhood, for them it is very difficult to get free. So it is possible to understand why I have foreseen two thousand years ago that, by my return, I would be rejected by my generation (“But first must he endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). Why would I be rejected? Because I am forced to speak the truth, and the truth is overpowering. The truth is a very dangerous beast that not everyone likes to see free here and there. For this reason I dedicate my attention only to the unsatisfied, to those who aim freedom of conscience, and it is right for this reason that I do not have the crowds following me. Only those who ratiocinate vertically can follow me, the erect beings who have space for receiving the divine light in their inners”.

8 – How many followers do you estimate to have currently?
INRI CRISTO: “I do not estimate the number of followers since I do not make registration of anybody. I know that there are countless people scattered throughout Brazil and the world whose hearts beat together with mine. However, I only consider my intimate children as those who know who I am, who have conscience of my identity. They are few, but faithful. These ones come here to visit me and put in practice in their houses, at their homes, the teachings that I minister from my FATHER. If the price to have a crowd following me is to abstain from the truth, then I prefer to abdicate the crowds and stay only with the truth, since my FATHER and the truth are but one. In fact, I am not seeking crowds. I only want to stay with me the ratiocinating beings, who love the truth, expect and serve justice”.

9 – At the time of Christ, in spite of the persecution, history shows that there was an expressive number of followers, who believed in the power of that man. Why do you think that, nowadays, it is so difficult for these new generations to believe in the return of Christ? What is the difference between the time of Jesus and INRI’s time?
INRI CRISTO: “The difference is that, at those times, my opponents did not have radio and television networks in order to alienate people and keep them doped, influenced. Even so, many followed me at that time not because they had conscience that I was the LORD’s emissary, but because they were impressed with the miracles that He operated through me. It is for such reason that, considering some controversial, harsh statements, the crowds, the many, were dispersed, while only those disciples who had mystical conscience stayed with me, like Peter. There is a biblical report in John c.6 v.35 to 67 which demonstrates quite well what I am just telling you, when I spoke a polemic speech, considered absurd by the majority: “I am the bread that came down from heaven… Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh… Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life…”. Many disciples, listening to these words, said: “This teaching is difficult; who can accept it?” and stopped being with me. There you may observe that not always the crowds were by my side. Were the crowds by my side at the moment of crucifixion, they would not have been influenced by the attempts of the priests and ministers, who shouted: “Crucify him! Crucify him!” (John c.19 v.1 a 16). This is the historical and irrefutable truth”.

10 – How did you raise the necessary funds for the foundation of SOUST?
INRI CRISTO: “After I performed the Libertarian Act in Belem of Para in 1982, the LORD GOD, my FATHER, placed in my way some predestined children who had the mission of providing the necessary funds for the foundation of SOUST, starting with the juridical consultant, Dr. Edson Centanini, ex-Police delegate and ex-judge, who executed the juridical procedures without demanding advocacy honorary and until his last days he voluntarily presided SOUST’s juridical consultantship. So was organized the provisional headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba, where it remained for 24 years until the transference to Brasilia, which is the New Jerusalem of Revelation c.21”.

11 – Why have you chosen Brasilia to be the definitive headquarters of SOUST?
INRI CRISTO: “When I first came to Brasilia in 1980, hosted in Hotel das Americas, I opened the window in the morning and, observing the esplanade, the LORD said: “Behold that here is the New Jerusalem. Here will be instituted the premises of my Kingdom”. See that He told me this two years before SOUST was founded. For this reason it was foreseen in the statutes of SOUST since the foundation in 1982 that the definitive headquarters would be transferred to Brasilia, what was concretized in May 2006”.

12 – Actually, I would like to better understand the functioning of the community… how many disciples live there? Is there a central organization, a group turned to the collection and control of the budget? Are there other groups responsible for the meal preparation, for example?
INRI CRISTO: “There are the ecclesiastic disciples, who did an oath of fidelity to the LORD, and the eclectic disciples, who live at their homes independently of SOUST, and eventually they come here to render a voluntary service. Amidst those who live in the headquarters of SOUST, including the disciples under oath and the volunteers, there are about fifteen people. There are, amidst the eclectic disciples, those who are part of the meritorious members’ brotherhood. They are abnegate people who, inspired by the Divine Providence, integrate SOUST’s purveyance and spontaneously contribute for supplying the social duties of the LORD’s House, since at SOUST the commerce of sacraments is not allowed or is performed blackmail of the tithe. And since the resources that rule SOUST are not too much, even because we are a non-profit institution, there is no need of a group to administer. But only those who have willingness and feel in need to keep a bond with the LORD’s cause shall participate of the purveyance. We are vegetarian and keep our nutrition as simple and healthy as possible. Since we live in a small farm, there is some space where we grow a vegetable garden and seek to take from mother earth everything that is possible for our subsistence. From the administrative part until the preparation of the meals, all the work is performed by volunteers, who are impelled only by ideal and do not demand salary. Of course that, according to the eternal law of equality, which only consists on unequally distributing to unequal ones as long as they unequal themselves), there are people endowed with the profile for executing each necessary task”.

13 – INRI, how is your everyday life? Do you have any daily routine? And the trips, are they disciple’s invitations?
INRI CRISTO: “Besides the daily indispensable activities, such as taking shower, reading and making exercises, I keep daily touch with the news of Brazil and the world, through television or internet. In the times when I am here in the headquarters in Brasilia, I receive my children coming from Brazil and many parts of the world, who come to visit me and receive instructions, including journalists. Regarding the trips, as a rule we move when invited by televisions and universities; in this case, the hosts sponsor the expenses of transportation and hosting for me and the disciples who follow me as part of my entourage. But it is necessary to point out that, on such occasions, there is no charge for our presence, since we are not artists. I can consider my routine unexpected. In fact, the routine at SOUST is the absence of routine. Everyone here is trained to adapt to the changes.”

14 – In the fatidical episode of Belem, in 1982, INRI passed through some psychological tests. What was the conclusion of the psychologists? Was there any questioning about INRI’s mental health?
INRI CRISTO: “On the occasion of the Libertarian Act, the judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha decreed my preventive prison and named a psychiatric committee presided by Dr. Nerival Barros with the mission of defining my psychic condition. After long inquiries in the bio-typology room at prison Sao Jose, this doctor declared to the media that, ‘according to optimist perspective, only by the day of the Final Judgment they would conclude a report’. He argued that they could not evaluate my condition because, from their point of view, my brain acts beyond the human limits of understanding, in a transcendental mental sphere, considered atypical. The only conclusion that they got, within the parameters of psychiatry, is that I have the mental condition of a genius. One of the psychiatrists, Dr. Antenor Costa, director of a spiritualist psychiatric hospital, suffered leukemia. He asked and obtained the LORD’s blessing; when making another lab examination, he figured out that had been healed from the disease. However, when invited for a debate in TV, he was prevented from giving his testimony under the threat of dismissal. While I remained recluse at prison Sao Jose, this Dr. Antenor Costa brought me coconut water and gently arranged a mosquito net to protect me from the insects which are abundant in that area. That day Feb 28th that you call “fatidical”, was the most beautiful, the most sublime day of my whole life. It was the day when I marked the fulfillment of a prophecy, when I announced for those who asked me how to distinguish between the false and the true one: “You will know them by their fruits… A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit” (Matthew c.7 v.15 – 23). In that day that you call “fatidical”, I exposed my body to violence, to imprisonment, for love of freedom of conscience. On that day I symbolically set my people free from the dogmas, from the slavery of idolatry, fantasy and lie, when I broke my own statue in front of the people (there were ten thousand people witnessing this moment besides the television, which suffered a boycott afterwards). For that very day I came to the world. Later, as you can verify in the journalistic registers, I left prison without depending on attorneys. The judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha offered me his chair and said: “I have not crucified you like Pilate. I kept you captive to protect you from your enemies”. My FATHER said that, because of that day, the whole humanity will know that I am back on Earth in bone and flesh. The future generations will know that one day the Son of Man came back, spoke during three hours in Guajara TV, channel 4 (at the time a free broadcasting station), and set a meeting with people in Belem’s cathedral in order to be reborn for humanity. That was the day of the Son of Man’s rebirth in a symbolical, mystical meaning of the word, because it was there in Belem that, by performing the Libertarian Act, I fulfilled the promise according to which through the fruits my children should recognize me”.

15 – Has INRI accepted to make other psychiatric tests to stumble the theory of the skeptics?
INRI CRISTO: “About four years ago, I was subjected to the Rorscharsh test by the psychologist and writer Henri Cosi. The result of the test is in the content of the his book.”

16 –You say that Sergei Torop, in Russia, is in fact the reincarnation of Rasputin. But he is not the only one who claims to be the true Christ. Throughout history many names appeared, in different centuries, since David Shayler, Torop and Ariffin Mohammed, Jim Jones (founder of the Peoples Temple), until Arnold Potter and John Nichols Thom and other names. Such as you, they have also created communities and disseminated prophecies. After so many people “being Jesus”, how to assert at all that you are the reincarnation of the true Christ? What differentiates you from these other men?
INRI CRISTO: “The difference between me and the false christs and false prophets is that they only wonder about personal profit, no matter it concerns material benefit or egocentric praise. They are threatened by fear, as they do not want to expose to prison. And when they are sent to jail, they soon hire a group of attorneys to defend them. When I was kept in prison Sao Jose, seventeen attorneys came to my presence aiming that I signed a procurement and I refused, as registered the newspaper The Province of Para, of March 2nd 1982: “… But there is only one problem: INRI refused to sign any procurement, alleging that ‘I, the FATHER’s Son, do not need any attorney”. Here in Brazil, there was a false prophet who had to seek refuge abroad only because he kicked a statue. My FATHER said that any human being who dares to personify His Son will have a tragic ending, and amidst these ones who self-called “Jesus”, one committed suicide in the English Guiana (Jim Jones), another one was murdered in Texas (David Koresh). There is still another one in Japan, Shoko Asahara, who remains in jail awaiting the death penalty since 2006, for terrorist attempt. Those who are not in jail, fled or flee away from the Judiciary Power. The difference is that I, when expelled from England and declared a landless person in France, returned to Brazil, went throughout the Brazilian capital cities and even performed the Libertarian Act in the condition of landless person, as you may see in my prison record, available in the website . The Federal Police, forced by my opponents, moved a lawsuit for ideological falsehood against me, which lasted for fifteen years in the Federal Justice, until the Regional Federal Tribunal of Porto Alegre finally declared it over, culminating with the official and definitive recognition of my identity by the terrestrial authorities. In October 24th 2000, the Eminent Tribunal of Justice in Parana State, through a revering sentence, officially recognized my name as INIR CRISTO, which is in all my documents. And the main and huge difference that exists between me and all of them is that they have come in my former, obsolete name (Jesus) or claiming to be Jesus, fulfilling what I announced and is written in Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24 (“Beware that no one leads you astray… for false christs and false prophets will come in my name, they will produce many signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, the very elect”), while I came with a new name, INRI, the name that I paid with my blood on the cross, as it is foreseen in Revelation c.3 v.12 (“To whom that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name”) and in my FATHER’s name. I do not flee from whosoever. On the contrary: I expose myself to police and even in humor on TV shows, as my FATHER said that I shall expose myself so that humanity will know of my presence on Earth. Of course that nowadays, almost 30 years after I founded SOUST, I cannot expose in public squares anymore for speaking to the people. Now those who want to meet me come here in the New Jerusalem of Revelation c.21, Brasilia, which is the world’s mystical capital. The Federal Police investigated my life and figured out that I do not own material goods, I do not have personal bank account. There is SOUST, which is an institution officially established and consists in the formalization of GOD’s Kingdom on Earth, as I promised two thousand years ago that I would return to bring GOD’s Kingdom. I do not want anybody to believe in me, as I am conscious that only the ratiocinating beings, those who keep free their inner, with no alienation, are the ones who can question me, talk to me and, maybe, glimpse my reality, instead of mistakenly judging me a priori without knowledge of cause: “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get” (Matthew c.7 v.1 and 2)”.


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