INRI CRISTO’s interview to G1 about the world ending – Dec 2012


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1. Inri, you have asserted that the Earth will pass through transformations. Has it already passed through it before? What was the greatest one? Will December 21st be one of these dates of change or will it be just a normal day?
INRI CRISTO: “The Earth is in permanent transformations. From time to time, there is an agitation, a notorious, shocking, impacting alteration, as it happened in the times of Noah. Now, on the occasion of the nuclear hecatomb, there will be a great transformation that will call much attention and will be unforgettable (“Then there will be a great desolation, such as never happened since the beginning of the world until now, and never will be” – Matthew c.24 v.21). And all of this is part of the reaction, of the groan of pain from Mother Earth. The human beings procreated disorderly, violated the eternal natural laws, culminating with the need for creating these fatal gadgets, known as atomic bombs, which will inevitably bloom. Until nowadays there are people discussing whether or not there was the flood at the times of Noah, and there was in fact. Sometimes it takes so long for an impacting transformation to appear, that when it happens again, the collective amnesia has already annulled or put doubts on the past event. The greatest of these changes is nigh, and it won’t be on December 21st , but as I said two thousand years ago, “regarding that day and that hour, not even the angels of heaven know, nor does the Son of Man know, but only the FATHER knows” (Matthew c.24 v.36). And it is good that nobody knows, as if someone knew or was sure about that day, it would be the anticipated chaos”.

2. What are in fact the signs of the world ending? Is it possible to avoid it?
INRI CRISTO: “The signs of the world ending are more evident than ever: they are the wars, rumors of wars, kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation, storms, earthquakes, floods, pestilences, famines… as it never happened before in humanity’s history. The end of this chaotic world is inevitable. The only thing one can avoid is to be vulnerable. One shall begin by taking conscience of where the power comes from, of where pain and joy come from, and after taking the conscience, settle orthodoxly in the cosmic context in order to be in tune, in harmony, in symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY, my FATHER, LORD and GOD”.

3. Why will GOD allow the world to end? Would it be dissatisfaction with the way the human beings are dealing with the planet? Since the creation of the Universe, has He aimed to put an end to the worlds?
INRI CRISTO: “Nothing happens on Earth without the acquiescence of GOD. Effectively, He will allow the world to pass through this turbulence. Why? Because the human beings extrapolated, surpassed the limits of sanity, of equilibrium, of harmony, of serenity and of peace. Hence they planted and will harvest. The eternal divine law, summarized in two words, is action and reaction, or cause and effect. GOD never aimed to put an end to the worlds, or to the human beings, or to whatever may be. He created perfect laws enabling the earth inhabitants to decide, through the good use of discernment, of equilibrium, of coherent ratiocination, what they wanted for their lives. However, the Earth inhabitants choose to ignore that later they will have to come back here. Then they seed winds now and shall gather storms later. The Earth inhabitants are the ones who defied the natural laws, not GOD, because GOD is undefiable, GOD is eternal and so perfect that He needs not to chastise anyone… He created such perfect laws that, considering their violation, the punishment comes. The human being is the one who builds his own lash and he is the one who lashes himself”.

4. This nuclear calamity that will put an end to the planet, will it happen all at once? Will the living beings feel it? Will there be catastrophes?
INRI CRISTO: “The catastrophes are already happening and will intensify more and more. The nuclear calamity will not put an end to the world at once, even because there will be many atomic bombs scattered throughout planet Earth. As I said two thousand years ago, “…if those days had not been cut short, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short” (Matthew c.24 v.22). It will not be the end of everything, but a depuration in which the elect will survive. The living beings will feel it, will see it, will be horrified by it. Less than one million people will remain alive on Earth, most of which will be maimed people who shall beg for death, and death will not hear them at first”.

5. If the universe was created in seven days, will the world also take this time to end? Why will the other living beings, such as plants and animals, be penalized?
INRI CRISTO: “Firstly that it is a mistake to say, believe, think that the world was created in six days according to the account of Genesis (and not seven days). This is a metaphor, a symbolism. The world may have been created in seven trillions of years, because in eternity, where my FATHER and I are only one thing, time does not count. In eternity it has been less than one second since I was crucified. My FATHER, LORD and GOD is not slave of calendar. Time counts here on Earth. Here it is necessary that time be calculated even to fulfill the divine justice. And it will not take seven days, seven years, seven millions of years for the world to end… The world is always in transformation, it is in permanent transmutation. In the occasion of a catastrophe, of an impacting earthquake that eliminates thousands of people here on Earth, there is weeping, sorrow, pain… but at the eyes of nature, what is the difference if you die in an earthquake, in a lost bullet, or sleeping on your bed? Death does not exist. You only disincarnate and later reincarnate. The only difference is that, when you die on the bed, in general you have the occasion to say good-bye to your relatives, to your friends… Just this, and only this. And then? What is the relevance that it has to the Cosmos, to the Whole? These relatives with whom you relate now, maybe next time you come back here they will not even recognize you, they will not even be in your vision field. Considering all of this, what really matters is to be always in tune, in symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY. He is the one to whom we will always have to go back to again, because He is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. As He vivifies each cell of our body and each particle of our blood, it is always He who animates and will animate us and it is Him who gives and apparently takes life from us. But He apparently takes life from us to later give us a better life. In the case of the animals, none of them will be penalized because they do not have karma. They will just be authorized to return to the intimate bosom of the ALMIGHTY, to the joy in paradise. Regarding the plants, they will not be penalized because they do not have soul. They will just suffer a transmutation, a biophysical alteration and will continue to exist in another way. It is just matter renewing”.

6. After the world ending, will there be transformation in another planet? Will GOD make a new “Earth”?
INRI CRISTO: “No. Planet Earth will always be planet Earth. Earth inhabitants reincarnate only on planet Earth. And on the divine realm, life this way that exists here on Earth will always be on planet Earth. In the other planets there is life, because my FATHER is omnipresent; He gives life to all planets. Without life that GOD gives to all the planets, they would disintegrate. Just as the stone has life; if it did not have life, would disintegrate, turn into dust. Therefore, there is life in the whole Universe, because GOD is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. He vivifies everything that our eyes can see and even what we cannot see”.

7. How do Inri and God see the despair of people facing the possibility of the 21st be the end of life? How do you interpret these collective suicides, food stowage, etc.?
INRI CRISTO: “I see the despair, and obviously so does my FATHER, as a consequence of ignorance. These are people who thought to be possible separating from Him, ignoring that He is omnipresent, and for this reason they get afraid. They do not understand that, even when the nuclear calamity happens, He will always be supporting everyone. Those who disincarnate, blessed will be if they are able to rise up to the intimacy, to the bosom of the FATHER. And those who remain on Earth, blessed will be because they shall inherit the Earth inspired, instructed, protected, enlightened by Him. I see this despair, this preoccupation of people into storing food, etc., as lack of trust in Him, a disinformation, a foolishness. These are the ones who follow the wave. Unfortunately, some people who hear to say that dog’s faeces are vaccine anti-Aids, they will go around with a plate behind a dog to collect excrement… There are people who run after anything that is presented to them as a solution and they believe it, ignoring that the solution is in their inner, as it is only in the intimacy, in the symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY, the Supreme CREATOR, that they would find peace, serenity, security, finally, the joy to live. Collective suicides happen when people ignore that, by committing suicide, they are retarding the torture that are waiting for them, and in the next incarnation they will have to start all over again, suffer all over again. Suicide is a thoughtless, insane gesture, which runs against the divine law. Regarding the stocks of good, I’ve already spoken about it two thousand years ago. It seems metaphoric, symbolic, but it is the truth: “Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly FATHER feeds them… Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these…” (Matthew c.6 v.25 to 34). It does not mean that you have to cross your arms. I wanted to say two thousand years ago that you shall trust the ALMIGHTY, the Supreme CREATOR, the One who created all things, who made the beauty of the lily and provided the growth of vegetables that feed your body. All those who are starving, somehow, for any moment, did not trust Him and were afraid to starve. And then they starve. I know what it is because I lived all the possible social experiences here in the terrestrial dimension”.

8. How do you plan to spend your day on December 21st?
INRI CRISTO: “On the 21st I do not plan to spend the day, I just plan to stay here in the Kingdom of GOD fulfilling my mission, guiding those who seek for me. If someone asks me for an interview and I’m able to adjust it to my agenda, I will not do anything more than this. On the 21st, for me, is a day lesser than the 22nd and bigger than the 20th. This is the 21st for me, for the Kingdom of GOD, formalized as SOUST”.

9. Inri said that it is important to follow the news to realize the signs of God in relation to the Universe. How does He see this apparent increase of crimes, corruption and natural catastrophes? Would they be a reflex of greater technology, which allows us to know more, or a sign of the end of times?
INRI CRISTO: “It is not apparent, but a real increase of the crimes, because the values are inverted. And when the social values are inverted, then everything changes. I remember a Brazilian philosopher, a jurist named Rui Barbosa, who yet at those times, said: “So much for seeing nullities triumph, so much for seeing dishonor prosper, so much for seeing injustice grow, so much for seeing the power becoming gigantic in the hands of the bad, man comes to discourage virtue, laughing at honor and becoming ashamed to be honest”. He was a visionary, inspired by my FATHER. We are in a time when corruption, crimes – and he realized this yet at that time – has to do with the inversion of values. Many young people today think this way: “Well, I can die at any time, so I will not have time to do everything that my father, my grandfather has done… I will do it right now…”. And instead of waiting to become engaged and then wed… he will soon rape the little 12, 15, 16 year-old girl as he will not wait the whole ritual of engagement and wedding. The malignant inspires and occupies the indolent hands and the indolent bodies. Behold why the chaos is established. The false religious men are the greater guilty for all this social chaos because, coercing the governors and legislators, they have forbidden the birth control while it was in time, and now they delight to see that they can, in the name of the miserable, of the unsheltered, of the cradleless children, to beg alms for the elite. But very soon they shall realize that the shot is coming back by the gun breech. It will not take long and they will remain without clients, as the human beings will not believe anymore in their verbiage, in their lies, in the untruthfulness that they preach. And suddenly they will discover that they were fools when spitting upside, as they will have to receive back the content emitted by their mouths”.

10. If the humans wanted to convince God to not end with the planet, how should they do it? A change in their attitude would help or is the end of times inevitable? Is it indeed necessary to end with life on Earth?
INRI CRISTO: “It is too late for an attitude change. Everything that is happening now is already foreseen since immemorial times (“The earth lies polluted under its inhabitants; for they have transgressed laws, violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore a curse devours the earth, and its inhabitants suffer for their guilt; therefore the inhabitants of the earth dwindled, and few people are left… For thus it shall be on the earth and among the nations, as when an olive tree is beaten, as at the gleaning when the grape harvest is ended” – Isaiah c.24 v.5, 6 and 13). If the human beings could realize – but I know that it is impossible now – that Jesus is an obsolete name, it is the name of bandits, of robbers, of stinkers, of gigolos, etc… if they stopped to invoke an obsolete name and discovered that I came back with a new name, INRI, as foreseen in Revelation c.3 v.12, then they could come to me and I would ask my FATHER, with everyone united to me, not to avoid, but to quell what is to come, that is inevitable. And the LORD, to whom everything is possible, could then quell. But as I know beforehand that it will not happen because everyone is fanaticized, obsessed, enslaved shouting: “Jesus, Jesus, the blood of Jesus has the power!”, then the prayers that I take to the ALMIGHTY are heard only for those who hear me, who understand me and assimilate that I returned with a new name and in the name of my FATHER. Those who pray, ask the FATHER in the name of Jesus, cannot be heard. Life never ends because GOD is life and life always renews. I’ve already said two thousand years ago, “whoever keeps my word will never see death” (John c.8 v.51). There will be, in fact, a necessary cleanup on planet Earth to reestablish equilibrium, harmony, peace”.

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