Part 14 – Ethics, sociology, Capitalism X Socialism, Marxist ideology, freedom, civilization, philosophy, art, intellectualism


1) What is your concept regarding ethics?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, those who most talk about ethics and impose false moral precepts are the ones who most violate them, namely the priests traitors of divine cause. It’s worth remembering once more; sin is all what you do that does evil for you or for others; all what you do that does no evil for you nor for others is not a sin. So, for my FATHER, LORD and GOD, you will not be hurting ethics provided that you don’t walk against His sacred and eternal laws. In fact, men invented ethics to regulate human behavior and impose limits on those who like to live imprisoned by their ideas and thoughts. However, those who love and know freedom will not allow themselves to be imprisoned by ethics barriers. I love freedom and came back to this world to teach my sons to be free, as I’ve already said when I was called Jesus: “Know the truth and the truth will make you free” (John c.8 v.32). Free to live, free to love and worship my FATHER, LORD and GOD”.

2) In your point of view, which production system is closer to social justice, capitalism or socialism?

INRI CRISTO: “Neither one of those production systems can be close to social justice while GOD isn’t in the first place. The ideal would be the one coherent with theocratic regimen, theosocialist or theocapitalist. Social justice will be possible only when human beings have learned to live in common, with their eyes turned to GOD, conscious they don’t have anything, since everything belongs to GOD”.

3) The motto of French Revolution occurred in 1789 was “freedom, equality and fraternity”. Up to now, it hasn’t come true. Do you consider it will be possible to effect someday or isn’t it but utopia?

INRI CRISTO: “Summarizing, it’s possible to come true the day when human beings commune, cohabit under the empire of divine law, having only GOD, my FATHER, as the LORD. When everyone loves the same GOD, the same LORD, and follows His sacred and eternal laws, they will live on earth in harmony, never forgetting that the law of equality only consists on unequally distributing to unequal ones in the measure they unequal themselves”.

4) What do you define as being freedom, as you assert to be the liberator?

INRI CRISTO: “Freedom seems like a recipient full of crystal water, indispensable in the crossing of a long and torrid wilderness. Without this precious liquid, you would certainly die of thirst. But if you ingest it all at once, you would be led to indubitable death too. So, you have to prudently moderate it in order to conclude the journey. Freedom is one of the greatest gifts GOD gave to human beings, but it only depends on him knowing how to make use of it. Two thousand years ago, I said: “Know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John c.8 v.32). Who aims to know the truth comes to me and I set him free of idolatry fetters, fantasy and lie. The most significant test of human being’s freedom is when he succeeds into coming to my presence. One can say he is free when he passes through and overcomes the dark tunnel full of scorpions, serpents, alligators, etc. and finally comes to my presence. Many discover they are not free only by trying to meet me, as many hindrances appear, mainly from relatives. Behold the meaning of what I announced before being crucified: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and one’s foes will be members of one’s household. Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Those who find their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it” (Matthew c.10 v.34 to 40). Separation is inevitable. Who loves darkness and is a slave of it can’t live harmoniously with light lovers. It’s rare finding an entire family united, where all integrants love light and truth. And more: freedom doesn’t consist on doing whatever you want, but by not allowing yourself to be enslaved by your own and other’s wishes. Many think they are free and can do whatever they want. But they are wrong. Most of them are not free, but slaves of their fantasies, of their fears, of their miseries, of their anguish, of their vices, of fetters imposed by decadent contemporary society. You have the right to think you are free to smoke as much as you want. But won’t this freedom turn you into a tobacco slave? Following the same reasoning, you can even go straight through the path of drugs, but they will lead you to a black deep shaft, culminating with destruction of neuronal system and you will have difficultly get rid of them. Or you may imagine yourself to be free for, in the condition of a mean person, gather many material goods, jewels, automobiles, properties, forgetting that, the more you own, the more you will be slave of your richness, without which you would feel very unhappy. Two thousand years ago I’ve already spoken about it: “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew c.6 v.20 and 21). You can also make use of freedom to anxiously become a glutton. But won’t you become slave of fat, having to carry it with you wherever you go? Freedom can lead you to promiscuity valley at the same time it can subject you to suffer an incurable disease. Therefore, you shall make use of freedom allied to consciousness. Only so you won’t be slave of it. True freedom imposes discipline, order, harmony, knowledge. You can’t be rationally free among confusion, imbalance and ignorance”.

5) What do you think about Marxist ideology, or communism?

INRI CRISTO: “The so-called communism is a fake idealized and theorized by Karl Marx with the intention to cheat incautious. According to this ideology, everyone makes use of collective property belonging to Staff. Independently of their profession, citizens shall have same life conditions. The goods of production are common to everyone. In theory, it sounds marvelously perfect. In practice, however, it’s very different. Sumptuous mansions were built for leaders to inhabit, they have a life standard very different from people; finally, corruption was implanted within dominant class. It doesn’t mean leaders are wrong to inhabit a palace; it’s even necessary due to their hierarchical position. Wrong is acclaiming to be a supporter of communism and live in luxury while, at the same time, people starve and live precariously. If communism actually existed, then everyone, including leaders, should survive under the same conditions. Josef Stalin would have abdicated from his palace to inhabit a little house similar to a worker’s one and Fidel Castro too should share the palace where he lives with cane pickers. In summary: the day when it is possible an individual with his foot size 43 wear number 34, then I will review my concept regarding communism. Mikhail Gorbachev understood the mistake and promoted the dissolution of ex-URSS. Considering the impracticability to keep the fake of communism in practice, as all human beings are different by their own nature, each one shall receive according to their needs and aptitudes, inside the law of equality, which is worth remembering once more: it only consists on unequally distributing to unequal ones in the measure they unequal themselves. It’s the extension of what I taught in the Parable of Talent, when I was called Jesus (“For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away” – Matthew c.25 v.29)”.

6) What is missing so that equilibrium in social relationship is established?

INRI CRISTO: “Harmony, symbiosis with GOD”.

7) Is it a sin having ambition?

INRI CRISTO: “Having ambition is nor a sin since you do not covet someone else’s belongings. Wishing to have a good house, to acquire a good car, to work in a good job or even to run a profitable business is not a sin. It’s even a blessing. The sin is in coveting someone else’s things, which consists on the violation of tenth commandment (“You shall not covet your neighbor’s belongings”- Exodus c.20 v.17). Covet someone else’s things means desiring your neighbor’s house or your brother’s car, except if they are advertised and put up for sale. If you aim to build a house better than his or even have a car more comfortable than his, you won’t be sinning, as if you trust GOD, He may give you much more than you can imagine. GOD will always bless you since you trust Him and make your part. However, keep always in mind that, the more you are slave of matter, the more it will enslave you; and the less you are slave of matter, the more it will become your slave. If you get happy to receive the little with GOD’s blessing, this little will become much and you will receive heaven’s gifts. But if you don’t trust GOD and be saddened by the little, envying the others, then you will have less and less”.

8) To each point can the so-called “progress of civilized world” be considered benefit to mankind?

INRI CRISTO: “To no point. Together the supposed benefits, progress brought countless damages to humanity’s real well-being. If progress were really progress, it would be extended to all inhabitants on Earth, not only to a restricted number of people, coincidently the ones considered materially richer. Progress didn’t make humanity more prosperous, nor children happier. Quite the contrary, it brought consumerism characterized in the frenetic despair to want and have more and more, the unbridled run in search of the newest, the most advanced, causing inevitable dispute of who has and can have the best one; on the other hand, it caused disgust and dissatisfaction to those who don’t and can’t have. Progress became synonymous with rivers and air pollution, deforestation, animals’ extinction, destruction of planet’s natural resources, ecological unbalance, damage to health, social anguish, etc.”

9) What do you consider an ideal or at least a balanced standard of life?

INRI CRISTO: “Human beings will have achieved the ideal standard of life when they learn to live in simplicity, as simplicity is the last stage of wisdom. It means correct feeding, living basically on healthy nutrients, if possible to live without need of chemist; having a daily work turned to common good; giving descendants good education; preserving mother Earth, extracting from her only the necessary for survival; taking care of health; being fond of simple things and salutary habits, etc.”

10) How do you differentiate an intellectual from an “intellectualoid”?

INRI CRISTO: “As the term well says, an intellectual is someone who developed the intellect. It doesn’t depend on having attended a terrestrial academy, because the capacity to reason is in the individual, not in the titles he may eventually show off. The greater demonstration of a degree of intellectuality in a person is his humility on recognizing when he was wrong in his ideas and bends in front of the truth. The “intellectualoid” is the individual who self considers very wise, very intelligent (in some cases even superior to the other human beings). By doing so, he allows fatal academic pride blind his understanding; the narrow-minded person turns round in the limits of his so limited “intelligence”, which bereaves him of glimpsing the subtleties of GOD’s things and recognizing his conceptual failings. Behold why I said when I was called Jesus: “I thank you, FATHER, LORD of heaven and Earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants” (Matthew c.11 v.25). But let it be very clear that I am not against academic knowledge. On the contrary, I consider studying fundamental, a salutary tool to individual and social development. I’ve already given orientation to many undecided young people who came to my presence asking which was the most appropriate faculty for them according to the vocation of each one. Many times I accepted the invitations of students to speak in universities, without asking anything in return. And I’ve also known many illiterates to whom I gave the names of instructors so that they could learn to read and write”.

11) Can you explain us why Confucius, ancient chinese phylosopher, said that only the wise and the idiots do not change their minds?

INRI CRISTO: “Indeed, Confucius spoke a statement that serves for any people at any time. The wise do not change their minds because, being conscious of what they believe and using the gift of discernment, they do not allow themselves to be influenced by frivolities, they do not accept fantasies. They are irreducible when someone tries to inculcate in them something that is not in keeping with their steady conviction. The idiots do not change their minds for considering that they are wise and have full conviction of the dogmas that were inculcated upon them; there is no more space for new information in their minds, consequently they are not able to assimilate the truth. However, those who position themselves on the intermediary line between the wise and the idiots, they are the rational searchers for the truth, for the wisdom, and have not allowed themselves to be contaminated, deceived, alienated by the reasoning padlocks (dogmas) imposed by the mercenaries of faith”.

12) Do you believe that one elevated to the infinite is effectively an indetermination?

INRI CRISTO: “If this question reaches only the terrestrial mathematics, the answer may be given by the very mathematics, in other words, one elevated to the infinite or to any other number will always be one. So also, going to the field of the divine mathematics, one plus one will always be one, because I and my FATHER are only one thing; and one plus two continues to be one, because my FATHER, I and the Holy Spirit are only one thing too. And one plus two, plus one hundred, plus one thousand… will continue to be always one, because I, my FATHER and my children will someday be all only one thing”.

13) Apparently, the arts have small value in the current society, but what is their value for the human development? Interpreting and producing various artistic works, does it increase our soul? Would it be more, less or as important as the scientific studies?

INRI CRISTO: “When the art is true, it always has priceless value; the true art is inspired. Nobody can practice the true art without inspiration, but it is necessary to distinguish whether the inspiration came from GOD or from the dark spirits (for example, the “art” of carving images for the practice of idolatry is abominable at the LORD’s eyes: “The idol, work of human hands, is accursed, it and its author” – Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8). The art originating from GOD’s inspiration serves to feed the spirit, propitiating enchantment to the soul. There is the art of writing, the art of composing songs, the art of dramaturgy and so many others. Nevertheless, the most sublime of all arts is the art of dialectics, the art of giving life to the words and using the power of speech to make the good. And I tell you in truth that for the human being, art is much more precious than any physical work or scientific development, since art is the vehicle through which the sublime, the beautiful and the divine become manifest”.


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