Part 13 – Globalization, politics, worldwide crisis, disarmament, electronic radars, plebiscite, future of Brazil


1) Is there a solution for the problems of Brazil and the world?

INRI CRISTO: “There is solution: GOD! Bending to the will of the Supreme CREATOR, and living under the empire of divine law. In this case, while ever Brazil obstinately persists on having as patron a blind, deaf and dumb statue, it will not deserve ALMIGHTY’s blessing. Brazil will continue having floods in the South and droughts in the North. It’s worth stressing once more that so said the LORD: “I am the LORD, your GOD; you will not make idols nor sculpture images to worship, for I am the LORD, your GOD… If you follow my statutes and keep my commandments and observe them faithfully, I will give you rains in their seasons, and the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruits… But if you do not obey me and do not observe all these commandments, if you walk against me, I in turn will punish you myself sevenfold for your sins. You shall eat the flesh of your sons and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters. I will destroy your high places and cut down your incense altars. I will heap your carcasses on the carcasses of your idols and my soul will abhor you” (Leviticus c.26 v.1 to 30). Every unbalance and conflict existing in the world is due to human beings’ contempt concerning divine law. The day when man learns to worship only GOD, he will receive divine blessing in abundance. Nevertheless, facing the current stage of human degradation, only beginning from point zero is it possible to return back to the path of well living. It’s not possible catching fruits from a tree whose roots are rotten. It becomes necessary cutting it out and throwing it into the fire; in its place a new tree shall flourish to produce good fruits. After the breaking out of the inevitable nuclear  hecatomb that will culminate in the end of this chaotic world and the rise of a New Age, the society emerging from ash will be centered on GOD, my FATHER, and ruled under the shelter of ecclesiastic regimen. This will establish dictates and parameters of social relationship”.

2) In your opinion, what should governments consider as priority to tone down social-political crisis?

INRI CRISTO: “In the case of Brazil, the government shall give priority to education and agriculture, encouraging the reversion of rural exodus through an agrarian reformation according to peasants’ necessities and prospects. Man from the country must go back to country. It will be possible only if they have as guarantee a life with dignity, conditions for instruction so that they will not be attracted by city or feel socially diminished for belonging to rural zone. Thus, even medicine obtains benefits, since a good education provides a reduction in illnesses, considering that prevention of many primary diseases is taught at school. Hospitals would not be so swollen, improving quality of health services. Furthermore, much more significant than building prisons and paying intolerable salaries to exchequer parasites (justice be done to the brilliant exceptions), is to build a dignified life for the peasant. So he won’t be compelled by circumstances imposed in urban life to become, against his will, delinquent, assassin, plunderer, thief, kidnapper. Finally, the so slow Brazilian justice would also feel positive consequences as well, due to consequent diminishing of criminality”.

3) What work is necessary to be done in Febem aiming to minimize the suffering of delinquent  children and if possible rehabilitate them? (nowadays Febem is called Foundation CASA)

INRI CRISTO: “There is no work to be done in Febem. There is work to be done to avoid the existence of Febem. The evil must be cut from the root, eliminated in the very origins. It is necessary to silence the false religious men, the mercenaries of faith, who prevent the State from making the birth control; only this way Febem will not be necessary anymore. Since fornication is an ingrained, uncontrollable habit, the main cause for the disordered procreation, then the existence of birth control is necessary. Febem is a consequence of the disordered procreation motivated by the churches, mainly the proscribed roman church, that insists on living under the misery of the poor people. But while the little children without shelter, without home exist, then it is urgent that the resources collected from the elite in the name of the children, like it happens in the huge campaigns promoted every year by Unicef, be effectively addressed to the children, thus propitiating that they get off the streets and possibly attend schools. The sickness is not in Febem’s integrants, it is in the malignant leaderships that motivate the disordered procreation and, under coercion and blackmail, avoid the State that controls the birth rate. Febem would not even exist if so many children without home did not exist. And such children would not exist if so many malignant minds interceding in the pieces of the social game did not exist. The homeless children of today will be the homeless adolescents and many of the murderers of tomorrow. They will purposely be the outlaws, conscious that they are a result from the negligence of the elite – the same elite that sponsors the rascals and gives alms to the mercenaries of faith in the name of the children. This is the demagogue elite that pretends not seeing anything and in fact wants things just to continue like they are. If the alms at least achieved the real addressees, the situation would not be so serious. The reality is that just a crumb – about ten per cent of the collections – achieves the unfortunate people just for sake of disguising, to make believe that the wolves under sheep skin have a solidary obligation to the abandoned children. Behold why at the right time the settling of accounts will be unavoidable and divine justice will shine upon Earth”.

4) If you are Christ, why don’t you make something to improve the situation of Brazil?

INRI CRISTO: “In 1980, I was invited to Congressmen Council by its president at that time, Flávio Marcílio, in meeting with some deputies and senators. I advised them about the imperious need to give priority to agriculture and education. They took note of everything, but didn’t consider the advice relevant. If they had taken me seriously at that time, when a solution was still viable, Brazil wouldn’t be diving into this chaos. Subsequently, I dictated letters to Republican Presidents, alerting them about the future; many times I tried to speak on television programs, but they didn’t want to hear me, didn’t let me speak. In 1996, I published the circular entitled Puppet’s Dancing, which MÉPIC sent to authorities and attempted  many means of communication. I exhorted Brazil that was (and continues) being sold to foreigners. Again, there was no manifestation. In 1998, I was expelled from National Congress for having insisted once more on the advice that, if Brazil didn’t give priority to education and agriculture, it would be in the imminence to endure a bloody civil war. I am conscious that I made my part, I advised in time. Now, only when they come to ask me and let me freely speak, I will be able to expose the fact that there is no solution, cause there’s no more solution, but a palliative, since now it’s late, too late. On the contrary, a gloomy future waits for Brazil, which will continue embittering despair and Brazil will definitely be mud into social chaos…”

5) Are you for or against population disarmament?

INRI CRISTO: “Population disarmament is a two edged sword. Besides being a hypocrite and having a demagogical attitude, it’s impracticable in a country of such violence as Brazil, where public security has a lot to be desired. It becomes nonsense, as one way or another, bandits will always continue legal or illegally having guns. Therefore, the only ones damaged by this act would be people. I don’t make use of guns and would prefer nobody made use of them. It would be ideal if nobody needed them, since whoever hurts with iron will be hurt by it. However, I know that honest people resort to them not because they like, but for lack of option, for there not remaining another alternative. Working citizens, payers of tax, can’t abdicate the right to guarantee their security in such a troubled and chaotic world as this one we live in. For who lives surrounded by security guards permanently at their disposal, it’s very easy to demagogically propose the extinction of gun permission to civilians. Even these ones who know violence will not be detained this way, neither here nor in any other part of the world. It would be good if no one had to defend himself by his own means, either because violence no longer existed or because public security propitiated citizens’ integrity. But as reality is very different, among evil things, let the smallest prevail. What is less grave: a bandit mowing down the life of a family leader or this one making use of a gun to, in legitimate defense, stop delinquent’s action, because the perpetrator could even kill other honest people? I know countless cases of people who, in the last time, because they had a gun in their hands, could save their lives. Since rapists, kidnappers, murderers, etc. walk armed, it’s not coherent disarming the population. It would be putting them even more at the mercy of delinquents, making stealing official. The only honest and coherent solution is giving each honest citizen the faculty of legally keeping a gun. Obviously, the flagrant violation of a gun in the hands of one who doesn’t know how to manipulate it must be subject to punishment according to the law. To have the right of using a gun, it’s necessary passing through a previous training, preferentially ministered by the Police. Recently, television showed thousands and thousands of people delivering their guns in exchange for any symbolical object in the illusion of contributing to social peace, while thousands of hidden bandits were debauchedly laughing in  the face and of the ingenuity of the incautious.”

6) So, are you in favor of legitimate defense?

 INRI CRISTO: “I am in favor of justice. There are juridical aberrations that must be reviewed in the context of Brazilian Penal Code. I’ll give you an example. The ex-state deputy, ex-president of Legislative Assembly and ex-governor of Paraná state (Brazil), João Mansur, was in an enclosure of his residence when an armed bandit surprised him. He would have been eliminated if he didn’t have a gun under his pillow, which he used in legitimate defense to eliminate the invader. As he was an eminent politician, he didn’t need to flee from the flagrant act nor even attend the Police Station. According to Federal Constitution, if the same had happened to a common citizen, this one would have to flee away and remain hidden during 24 hours to escape imprisonment in a flagrant moment of delinquency, besides having to respond to a lawsuit afterwards. In other words, the authorities may have a gun to defend themselves and the honest worker must die at the mercy of violence. If everyone is equal at the law, why are there such alarming differences? This is the juridical incongruency of archaic, disordered, iniquitous, corrupt and dying laws of contemporary society. All these politicians and demagogues who defend population disarmament, with no exception, don’t directly make use of guns because they are surrounded by security guards armed up to their teeth. When current laws are correct, then everyone must rigorously comply with them. But if these same laws are out-of-date in the face of worldly chaotic context, they must be reviewed and changed accordingly to current social parameters.”

7) What do you think of globalization?

INRI CRISTO: “Globalization is positive when it propitiates spiritual and cultural fraternization. But under material point of view, it will inevitably make social injustice worse. In a global world, when one country suffers a great damage in its economy, it will bring consequences to other very distant countries, which had nothing to do with what had happened. And more, the great worldly potencies will always obtain more benefits than the poorest countries. It’s even foreseen in the Holy Scriptures that the smaller must be cautious towards the big one, as the tendency is that the bigger one swallows the smaller. The enormous foreign supermarket networks are a typical example of it. Due to globalization, they provoked bankruptcy of thousands of small traders, most of whom are unemployed. In Brazil, there aren’t parasol or umbrella factories any more. These products are imported due to low cost of production in their originating countries; in other words, that means exploration of foreign labor. In Asia, since there’s abundant labor, workers are subjected to work in exchange for a teeny salary to avoid starvation, as they know that if they don’t want to work under these conditions there are thousands of people on queue waiting for a similar opportunity. When Brazilian government removed the barrier to imported things, at that time no one saw that each imported car bought here, although with a lower cost, represented the dismissal of some worker, increasing the queue of Brazilian unemployed people. The fatal politics of dumping came into being and prospered as a consequence of globalization. I look with very good eyes at the pacific union between peoples, when there is no necessity to make war s among themselves. The relationship of interdependence is salutary; it means that each people keeps its particularities, but have relationships with other peoples respecting their particularities, without provoking damage to others.”

8) Do you have any political preference?

INRI CRISTO: “I can’t have any political preference, since even the corrupt ones, the prevaricators, the exchequer parasites are all my sons. From deep in my heart I really wished that when politicians were elected, they assumed their tasks with dignity and weren’t rascals; I wished that they gave their lives to keep the promises done during campaign and didn’t promise in case they couldn’t keep them.”

9) Have you voted in the last elections?

INRI CRISTO: “As I’m not a landless person any more, after almost twenty years I did civic duty in the condition of voter. I haven’t merely voted in a candidate, but in coherence, on the ideas I considered the most sensible ones. I ask my FATHER, LORD and GOD to inspire the voters giving them the opportunity to choose the most suitable candidate to administer Brazilian current state of affairs, as no power can be exerted without the knowledge of GOD. I’m only sorry that democracy isn’t orthodox in Brazil; then the vote would be facultative. In the false democracy, many times the voter votes for whom he doesn’t trust or votes blank only for being obliged to attend the ballot boxes.”

10) In the episode that one of the vehicles of SOUST was fined, what did you allege to resort? Is it right the Son of GOD to be fined?

INRI CRISTO: “I was not driving, a disciple was driving. We alleged that we could not be fined for an infringement we did not commit, because the disciples do not disrespect the terrestrial laws. In the place where the fine was registered, it would be impossible to run at 99 km/h with that car (it was a Toyota Bandeirante year 1972). Not even on the highway we had ever reached such speed. For this reason we did not pay or will ever pay the fine. We do not have any reason to pay for something we do not owe. I will not be accomplice of the pernicious industry of fine. I continue giving to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, but I will not give to the thieves what is GOD’s. And all those that improperly fine the LORD’s house are thieves. There was such a flagrant dirty trick that the directors of the time, Iara Eisenback and Lanes Randal Prates, are not in Urbs/Diretran (department of the city hall in Curitiba), since both of them verified the existence of frauds in the electronic radars, what is already more than proven. When the scandal became public, many radars were suspended and there isn’t anybody who complains anymore, because according to the reports, now they are fining only those who effectively commit the infraction. The true aim of the electronic radars is not to educate people for the traffic but to collect people’s resources using traps, invariably harming the honest worker citizens”.

11) How do you see the Brazil of the future?

INRI CRISTO: “I see the Brazil of the future leashed to the plebiscite where people will decide whether I shall manifest myself or not without interruption and consequently expose the future of Brazil. In the whole history of humanity, could any leader ever lead his people without exerting the right of public speaking. I that speak to you will be able to expose the solution, the future of Brazil in order to help my people, only by freely expressing myself in a national broadcast”.

12) Do you think that the government should be involved in the religious matters? Or should it remain neutral?

INRI CRISTO: “The government that involves with religious matters is always tendentious; as I have already said before, in the current reality the existence of a theocratic government is not viable, it is utopist. The neutral government is orthodox, as it happens in France, where it is forbidden to expose religious symbols in the public buildings. Here in Brazil, the citizen that goes to a military body, a forum, a city hall, or the very government palace is forced to come across idolatry symbols. This is non-constitutional, since the constitution foresees that the rights are equal to everybody. In this case, where is the right of the Jews, the atheists, the evangelicals when they go to a public place that imposes a statue, symbol of idolatry? Were the constitution and the sacred right of citizens respected, the government would not get involved with the religious matters, as it happens in France, which effectively is a neutral country and nobody is forced to bend to any religion (I refer to France as, during the time I lived there speaking to people in the public squares and lived in their homes, had the opportunity to realize that the French people enjoyed freedom of consciousness). I still wish to see Brazil free and neutral. The freedom of consciousness would be salutary for the whole Brazilian people. Imagine that Brazil has one day of holiday for veneration to a statue, established by an ex-dictator who committed suicide. He decreed the 12th October in “homage to the patron of Brazil”. Where is the respect to the other religions, to the other beliefs? That is absurd! Check it out, my children: if the dictator decreed one day as “homage to the patron” later committed suicide, don’t you think it is necessary to reconsider this decree, even to allow that Brazil has only the ALMIGHTY as his patron? (“I am the LORD, this is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to idols” – Isaiah c.42 v.8)”.

13) In your vision, how would the perfect society be?

INRI CRISTO: “There is no perfect society. Only the LORD GOD, my FATHER, is perfect. But the ideal society would be the one where the human beings placed GOD at first place (the GOD who made men, Supreme CREATOR, only non-created being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of the Universe, my FATHER, not the ‘god’ men made). They should also be conscious of GOD’s laws (that synthesized in two words is action and reaction, or cause and effect), and then lived as part of the biological context respecting nature, without the unmeasured ambition of always dominating more and more… Actually, an ideal society can only exist when each member of this society is able to live peacefully in the aloneness of his most restricted environment. Only by having an intimate communion with the CREATOR it is possible to achieve the true, everlasting peacefulness. The human beings live ephemeral moments of satisfaction, however they are always unsatisfied because they are always in search of something that is in their inner. I tell you in truth that only in the LORD human beings will ever find satisfaction, serenity, peace, and only so it is possible the existence of a relatively ideal and fortunate society”.

14) Do you believe in the possibility of a society ruled without politicians and the State controlling the citizens? In positive case, what would be your alternative?

INRI CRISTO: “In all the societies, since the ones formed by wild animals or by human beings, there are the leaders and those who are lead, the ones who command and the ones who are commanded. This is part of the nature created by GOD. Under this view, even if there are no politicians in the human society, there will always be the ones who are born with the natural gift of leading, commanding, organizing. Amidst the viable alternatives, the ideal is the theocratic society, ruled by the ALMIGHTY; He would choose the governor for each people. However, considering that it is unviable to put this alternative in practice in the current days – since the so-called theocratic governments are falsely theocratic, in fact they are ruled by men – then democracy is the only viable political system. The plain democracy is ruled by the popular will, but the plain democracy means free press, free media, not a media disguisedly controlled by the government aiming to keep the population under control, thus perpetuating in the power. Plain democracy means people in the power, and people in the power means that people shall choose somebody from the people. When the people is on the power, there is no need of voting, people vote only if they wants to, if there is a candidate that achieves the expectations. If there is no trustful candidate, people do not need to vote, people can stay at home. Therefore, the candidates have to alternate amidst themselves until achieving the trust of the electors. This would be plain democracy, because democracy where the individual needs to leave home for voting, mainly when there is no trustable candidate, is false democracy. If the individual is forced to vote, it means that somebody has commanded him, that someone exerted power upon him, and this someone is not the very people, but a dictatorial regime. When people are effectively in the power, chooses the leader, the prince, without any obligation to vote. Obliging the people to vote is already a proof of the candidate’s incompetence”.

15) What do you think about cooperativism?

INRI CRISTO: “It depends on what sector it is placed, which way cooperativism is used. For example, in the area of public administration there is the cooperativism that works as complicity in corruption; it is abominable when a politician commits a crime and the others hide the crime, sustaining him to continue on the power, as it happens nowadays in the Brazilian Senate; at the FATHER’s eyes and at my eyes, that is abomination. But cooperation in the way that you ask seems to be a reasonable option to equilibrate the social relations. All is a matter of changing the consciousness of human beings, making them understand the advantage of cultivating honesty, of one helping the other, collaborating for the common good, since nobody lives isolated in a glass campanula, free from the direct contact with their fellows”.

16) Politics is always more and more malicious. As a political candidate, what would you do to transform it into a necessary good?

INRI CRISTO: “Politics is the art of conciliating their own interests to the interests of others. The matter is not transforming politics into a necessary good, because where there is human society there will also be politics. The matter here is to transform the politicians, as in fact politics is not malicious; malicious are the ones without any scruples to get benefit from the politics, malicious are those who have lost the notion of the true values of life in society, malicious are those who use politics to rob, lie, cheat. I will never be a political candidate, as I have already come with a divine mandate. What I can do is to speak, and to teach those who have vocation in politics the advantage of making the good, the advantage of living honestly, this is what I can do when I have the opportunity”.

17) Would you have courage to officially become a candidate in politics? In what political party? Why?

INRI CRISTO: “As I have already said before, I will never become candidate to anything, as I have already come with a divine mandate. And I will only be able to openly manifest myself presenting solutions for politics when the Brazilian people decide through a plebiscite that I must speak without interruptions for this purpose. There was never a leader, in the whole history of humanity, who was able to help his people without being able to speak. And I came to the world mainly to speak the right things at the right time”.

18) Do you believe that politics is a way to achieve the things? Do you think there is any honest politician?

INRI CRISTO: “Most of those who become candidates in politics, do it for personal purposes, for being certain that they will get benefit from the politics instead of giving benefit through the politics. There are the honest politicians, but in the current situation those who dare to be honest are eliminated from the scene or they are suffocated by the predominating interests. Being honest in our days is synonym of ingenuity, stupidity and dishonor. Rare are the ones who are able to escape from the system unharmed and preserve their integrity”.

19) Have you ever tried to join any political party? Were you accepted or barred?

INRI CRISTO: “Many have even given me this suggestion, and I know that I would be well succeeded if entered the politics, but my condition does not allow me. As I have already said, when people decide through a plebiscite that I shall manifest myself with no interruptions, then I will be able to expose the solution for the politics and for many other matters that afflict the Brazilian people and humanity”.

20) If GOD is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, would you also be, as His Son? Then, wise of all the matters, why not solving them out at once?

INRI CRISTO: “GOD, my FATHER, is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, I am His Son, His servant, the executioner of His holy will. I know what He reveals to me, as in fact I am nothing and I know nothing, only He knows everything, He is the LORD of wisdom. I show the solutions according to the inspiration that I receive from my FATHER, according to what I have glimpsed in the behavior of human beings in my long journey upon Earth. Only the LORD is wise and I say once more, I can present a solution for anything only when people demonstrate being favorable to my free manifestation for this purpose through a plebiscite”.

21) Economical development seems something terrible that aims to make the poor people become even poorer and enrich the rich people even more. In another way, it seems very important to sustain the population. What is your position in relation to the economic development? Shall it exist and be always growing, shall it be moderated or extinguished? 

INRI CRISTO: “The more accelerated is the technological development, the greater are the contrasts, the disparities existing between rich and poor. The more advanced may technology be, it will always be just overcoming its own intellectual limits. However, technology will never be able to solve the social problems of humanity for they are matters that go beyond the sphere of intellectualism, of the merely intellectual understanding: they are existential matters, bonded to the inner self of human beings. The greatest misery of human beings afflicts not only the poor, but also and mainly the rich: it is the spiritual misery manifested in the meanness, avarice, envy, selfishness, unmeasured ambition… finally, while all this spiritual poverty is not removed from the inner of human beings and substituted by the great human virtues, not even the most advanced technology and the most prodigious economic development will be able to give solution for the vital problems that afflict mankind. The root of the problem generated by the unmeasured economic and technological development is on the need. Industry, originating from the technological development, raised from the need imposed by the disordered procreation and consequent demographic explosion. And the need is originating from the sin, from man’s disobedience to the law of GOD. As long as the sin and disobedience to the divine laws proliferate, the need also increases. Humanity runs fast in a path with no return, there is no way to reverse anymore. It is necessary to develop economy more, search for new means of survival, new sources of energy, new resources for attending the necessity… Even if all the Earth inhabitants wanted, now it is impossible to stop; the circle is moving and anyone who wants to flee from it will be exhausted, until the day of the nuclear hecatomb that will culminate in the end of this chaotic world. These are very deep matters that you have placed to me, my son; if someday you personally come to my presence, I can go deeper on the answer to this question”.

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