Who is wealthy, indeed?

What is the true greatest wealth bestowed by the ALMIGHTY upon human beings



“The ones who know to evaluate, analyze and, with the feelings quite attentive, record in their minds what I am about to teach from the part of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, from now on will be the most fortunate inhabitants on Earth, as if from the night to the day they had won the lottery. I am speaking about the power of trust in GOD in the achievement of happiness. Since your most tender age, many of you must have heard that, after GOD, the most important and precious good on Earth is the money, the material richness. Money is really important, fundamental in the social relations. But I am going to show and then prove to you what is effectively more important and who are the most wealthy human beings upon Earth, and you may be part of them since you are faithful guardians of my words.

Two thousand years ago, I said to the disciples: “Truly I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of GOD” (Matthew c.19 v.24). I have noticed it happen countless times in my long march upon Earth. Most of times, the one considered rich at the eyes of society carries a heavy pack. Due to the enormous tail on his back, he finds countless difficulties to arrive at the LORD’s house and integrate the Kingdom of GOD. The greater the wealth, the bigger the tail, and higher is the number of relatives, friends and employees that stick on the tail each time he attempts to conquer the freedom. If the rich says: “let’s go to the beach” or “let’s go to a restaurant”, no doubt there are always a lot of relatives and friends keen to accompany him. The rich thinks to be free, he thinks that rules the family or the employees. Nevertheless, by showing the tiniest will to know me personally, instead of encouraging him, they are the same to sit on his tail, in other words, they discretely arrange any excuse or an appointment at the last moment aiming to prevent him from coming to my presence. Behold where his difficulty to enter the Kingdom of GOD is. Only the predestinated ones are able to get rid of this hypocrite, iniquitous, corrupt society’s claws with eagerness to strive for the divine cause.

So, my children, if it is not the wealth, what is the most precious and important gift on Earth after the communion with the ALMIGHTY? From the part of my FATHER I’m going to reveal you, pay attention: after GOD, my FATHER, the most precious thing inherent to the human being is the wisdom, inseparable from the Supreme CREATOR, as He is the one to grant it. Therefore I can explain you how and why the human being suffers bitterness, pains, restlessness, unhappiness… when he does not have wisdom from the LORD, through which he learns to fulfill the holy commandments, mainly the first one: “love GOD before anything else”, and the last one: “you shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor”. You will then understand that with wisdom you will be free and happy, as you will then have found the true richness in your inner, mainly because, even to administer the material wealth, it is necessary that you have the wisdom, otherwise the wealth will drain through the sewer of prodigality.

Why not covet anybody else’s belongings? And why, if you have wisdom, you learn to never covet? I will teach you with an example. Imagine that someone amidst you sees on television a very beautiful place, with swimming pool, sports squares, a huge green area, horses, delicious food, comfort, and where there are many wealthy people celebrating, enjoying those deliciousness. If this one thinks: “Oh, my GOD, how I wanted to be rich, to be at that place, to live like those people live…” Truly I tell you: the human being who ratiocinates this way becomes miserable and unhappy, deserves to be despised by the ALMIGHTY, because, orphan of wisdom and divine inspiration, he deposits the most precious part of his energies upon that something he covets but cannot have, and for this reason he becomes weak, depressed, unable to be satisfied with what GOD has given to him. On the contrary, if he was hallowed by the ALMIGHTY’s blessing and, moreover, by the wisdom, he would then think this way: “I thank and praise GOD for existing such beautiful and magnificent places in the nature. When it is His will, He will allow me to enjoy such things. But while I cannot, here is the best and most beautiful place that exists to live because it was He who gave it to me”. If the place where you live is not worthy, you will make it worthy with your presence; if it is not beautiful, you will make it fill it with your luminosity. The human being with ability to lead through this line of reasoning can be considered wealthier than any person considered wealthy at the eyes of society. And then he realizes that those people, although surrounded by material richness, do not even know to enjoy that beautiful place, since they do not know the LORD; they are just seeking for the happiness, they seek outside for something they can only find within themselves. You, my children, that come to my FATHER’s house, have the opportunity to learn such things, but my sincere wish is to teach this to the whole humanity.

Truly, very truly I tell you: more important than the place where you live is your ability to transform it positively. Although someone amidst you may live in a very simple place, even in a cottage, if you fulfill the tenth commandment (“Not covet the neighbor’s belongings”), then instead of thinking: “Why doesn’t GOD give me that beautiful house”, he will beg to Him: “Oh, LORD, You that are good and perfect, if it is Your will, when You consider that I deserve, give me a better place to live, a better job to support my family…”. Behaving this way, according to the petitioner’s grade of humility, according to his sincerity and surrender, will be the speed that GOD will bless him and have his pleas heard. Everything is connected to wisdom, inseparable from the consciousness of GOD.

For more than forty times I was detained, but I never felt a prisoner. When I was kept in Prison Sao Jose’s cell number 14, in the occasion of the Libertarian Act performed in Belem of Para on Feb 28th 1982, that culminated in the institution of SOUST, my new and only church, many attorneys offered themselves to defend while I was in jail, alleging that my enemies where making a plot in the Judiciary Power to put me in an insane asylum. As did newspapers register, a commission came from the Vatican specially to pressure the authorities aiming to render such hideous purpose. However, I refused them, saying:

“I am not a prisoner; I am just resting according to the will of my FATHER, LORD and GOD. You are prisoners of your sins, of your miseries, of your envy, of your ambition, of your fears, of your anguish. When my time to get out of here comes, if they do not open that gate, my FATHER, that is the LORD All-Powerful, Supreme CREATOR of the Universe, will demolish this wall”. *

And then they went away astonished and ashamed. Whenever I was physically detained, I saw the prisoners anxious, making plans: “When I get out of here, I will do this and that…” But I never did any plan and at any moment I felt guilty, sad, depressed. I just observed the behavior of everyone around me. Since I had not committed any crime (they just detained me for the things that I spoke on the radios, for being GOD’s messenger), nowadays I understand that it was the fulfillment of what is foreseen in the Holy Scriptures (“I will come to you as a thief, and you shall not know what hour I will come upon you” – Revelation c.3 v.3). Even before I had the revelation of my identity, I felt something in my inner that gave me security. Later on my FATHER gave me the understanding that, in order to fulfill my mission, I had to be at those places to study mankind, improving the knowledge of psychology and sociology that is acquired in practice, with living beings, not merely in books of dead letters.

I am giving you these examples so that you turn each place where you are (the bed where you rest, the table where you have your meals, the enclosure of your job…) as much gracious as possible, always giving thanks to GOD for each day of your lives. It is obvious that any human being would like to inhabit a beautiful place, with a beautiful sight from the window, birds singing… indeed all of this is really good and pleasant at GOD’s eyes. But if the good Heavenly FATHER has not given you these things, you should, inspired by Him, give thanks for all that you have and henceforth live with enthusiasm, trustful in the FATHER’s blessings still to come. Is it worth to be in a comfortable, beautiful place, with luxury, if you are unfortunate, unhappy in your inner, if you cannot even glimpse a small opening to the Kingdom of GOD, if you cannot even receive a spark of the light emanated from the Supreme CREATOR? I tell you this with experience, as my FATHER lead me to live in palaces, in luxury hotels, to have relationships with millionaires. I have already slept in a place where I went out of the bedroom straight to the swimming pool. But I realized how unhappy those people were, how empty their lives were; they had a tiny manifestation of happiness. Behold why many of these people, mainly the ones from the middle class up, get lost leading to drugs and disgrace their lives. They ignore that the most important is to place at first GOD, the Supreme CREATOR. Having consciousness that He exists, tuning your soul with Him, then He will spread in your direction, together the wisdom, a spark of light, and wherever you are you will be happy. Consider a peasant, a worker that labors from sun to sun and supports the rental, the gas and the milk for his children – however, because he has GOD’s blessing and wisdom, can recline his head in peace – isn’t he much happier than a wealthy man that cannot even sleep due to his tribulations and spiritual torments? Of course that there are the wealthy people with GOD’s blessing too, which are the rare exceptions in the rule.

Why are the Jewish people wealthy? Because they trust the LORD and have Him at first. Here is their wisdom. In spite of having committed so many sins – and to keep committing, after all they are human beings – they do not accept intermediary between them and GOD. And at my and my FATHER’s eyes, you that come here every Saturday, which is the day consecrated to the LORD, are authentic Jews and also authentic Christians. But I reiterate once more: I do not despise and recommend that you also do not despise the material wealth. On the contrary, I ask my FATHER, LORD and GOD to always bless you with abundance to that you never be in lack of anything. Only I and my disciples, due to the mission trusted by my FATHER, cannot own any material goods. Did I have any material good, I would then be stripped of the spiritual power given by Him, who sent me again to this world. And considering what is foreseen in the Parable of the Talents: “For to those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away” (Matthew c.13 v.12), if you covet from those who have much, you will never have anything. But if you have nothing and now learn with me to never covet those who have, then your serenity, calmness and luminosity will attract whatever you need, according to what I said when I was called Jesus: “But strive, first, for the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew c.6 v.33).

If an individual thinks: “I just cannot have anything, I am unemployed and sick, I am unfortunate at all, I’ll never get out of this bog…”, then effectively, his bitterness and pessimism will never allow him to get out of it. But if, instead, he declares to himself: “I am GOD’s child too, and if I was not worthy until this moment, from now on that I have found INRI, I will strive to be in tune with GOD’s law, I will trust Him to that He may bless me and I am able to overcome all obstacles and all difficulties in my way…” If the human being is able to convince himself regarding his capability of achieving his aims, he will be able to convince the Heavenly FATHER to bestow upon him the grace that he needs. On the contrary, if he does not believe in himself, how does he want that GOD gives him credit? Here goes one more example. If a man, head of his family, had ten children and it has come the time to distribute responsibilities to them, to which of them will he trust the most valuable and honorable duties? To the one that spends most of his time busy in bad luck games? To the one that wastes his time in the brothel? To the one that is mean, arrogant and proud, and does not even care about his presence? Or to the one that is always keen to serve him and is eager to take care of the family property with devotion? Obviously, according to the law of equality, that is worth saying once more, consists simply into distributing to unequal ones as long as they make themselves unequal, the patriarch will trust the responsibilities to the most helpful and competent son. Only if he were idiot, foolish, insane, would behave in a different way, that means, would bestow his confidence upon the idle, the waster or the irreverent. Much more will your Heavenly FATHER, who is the LORD of life, logically pour His blessings and wisdom in every way upon those that, observing and fulfilling the holy commandments, give priority to Him and put Him at first”.

* The wall to which INRI CRISTO referred to was more than a mater wide. One of the attorneys, Wilson Magalhaes, even insited that INRI CRISTO signed a power of attorney. However, as did the newspaper A Provincia do Para register on March 2nd 1982, INRI refused to sign any power of attorney since he did not need any attorney. Fifteen days after INRI was detained, the gates of Prison Sao Jose were opened and INRI CRISTO went out of it for surprise and astonishment of all those who conspired against the LORD GOD. INRI CRISTO spoke these teachings during a Saturday meeting in the provisional headquarters of SOUST, Curitiba – state of Parana – Brazil, on August 31st 2002.


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