The meaning of life


A question for Inri Cristo, by Tulio Moreira

> Good afternoon, Mr. Inri, and good afternoon to all his followers. I have a question to which I have not found any answer until now, I have already attended many churches, spoken to priests, pastors, etc… And I’ve not obtained a conclusive answer yet. My question is simple, but I believe that the answer is a little complicated…


> Come to the world, grow up, get old and die??? Get patrimony, have a family and then give up all that you have achieved and loved, to later on just find the Creator? How can one have a spiritual plan if he knows that after a long time of struggle and dedication, will loose everything? It seems a non-stop cycle… Son, father, grandfather etc… Since you can reincarnate in other bodies after death and remember the events, what is the advantage that we may have into reincarnating but not remember anything, not even the previous life or the spiritual realm… Therefore, my question is simple, but I do not know if the answer is so simple too…


> Town: Sao Paulo – Brasil


“All this that you have mentioned – coming to the world, growing, getting old, making a family, disincarnating, reincarnating, etc. – is part of the meaning of life, is part of the learning, of the degrees in the stairs of evolution that you need to climb until achieving the apex of human achievement, which is the union, the definitive symbiosis with GOD, my FATHER; as He has already said, the apex of human evolution passes necessarily through the suffering, the atonement of the flesh. About reincarnating and not remembering anything (except in the rare cases that the ALMIGHTY gives the memory when considers relevant), it is part of the mechanism of life renewing, since life does not step backwards; life is in constant transformation, in constant regeneration. While someone keeps attached to the past will not have the faculty to glimpse new horizons. Actually, it is only the physical memory that vanishes, however your spirit carries the marks, the registers of the book of life, the learning that you obtain from one earthly existence to the other. I am not speaking about academic learning, but the learning that improves the spirit, and enables a favorable or unfavorable karmic situation in the subsequent reincarnations.

After you pass through all of this, the meaning of life for the spirit that succeeds evolving is not to remain stagnated, but return here on Earth in order to help the others evolve too. At the end of all this process, everybody will be one together the FATHER, however there will not be ingenuity, since all the spirits will be already evolved. For example, it is like a father that motivates the son to study, aiming that someday the son learns the things that he learned, and then afterwards he will be able to commune with the son what he already knows. So also the Heavenly FATHER, the Supreme CREATOR, puts the children to know the steps of life, the meanders of existence, the mysteries of nature, because His plan is to have evolved children with whom He may commune and harmoniously live in the cosmic realm.

I can also say, my son, that the meaning of life is the happiness, the search for happiness. Happiness is very difficult to be achieved, and even when it is achieved, it is not definitive. There are moments of happiness, and the moments of happiness are not eternal; they only become eternal when achieving the symbiosis with the LORD, the Supreme CREATOR, when one has the consciousness that only in harmony with the Eternal LORD of Life it is possible to exist full happiness. Because He is eternal, happiness eternalizes even in the moments of suffering, of pain, of anguish, because then you refugee in Him, and in Him you find the hope to live new moments of happiness. There is no true happiness without the symbiosis with GOD. I have already spoken about this two thousand years ago, when I said to my listeners: “Seek for the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness, and all the other things will be given to you as well” (Matthew c.6 v.33). Amidst all the things that are added to the ones who seek for the Kingdom of GOD, it is included the meaning of life”.



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